Sooooo wagtail or moerman?!


Hey guys, picking up one of these this week (new to the game) and I hear everyone back and forth, so which one?! Hear the wagtails the pad is super thin/flimsy and that’s why people go with moerman. Just curious as to guys who use em everyday. Thanks guys!!!


IMO (and the opinion of quite a few) the moerman is harder to use, and doesn’t always give the results some people have. That’s not always the case, but for some, like me, it is.

I use Wags. I find them easier to fan with and less strain than some other brands, Unless you have someone locally willing to let you try theirs, you won’t know what is better until you have used both. The pads on the wags are of no concern of mine. If you don’t like the pad, make your own or make one of anther brand work for you. I’m sure somewhere, someone is willing (or already making) to make pads for you.

Each one has their own advantages. You need to decide what you want in a handle.


Thank you!! See you see a lot of the videos on both and of course Luke, Steve o, yadda yadda can use them and make it look easy. Wanted first hand knowledge. Maybe I’ll pick up the wag and hey, if I don’t like it lesson learned :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3: Which wag is your favorite?!


I have the high flyer and the flippers.

I like the high flyer pretty well. Nothing wrong with any of them, IMO. It about what works for you.


I’m only on week 2 of use, but I’ve been enjoying using the Moerman Excelerators. Once I switched out the Moerman rubber for my rubber of choice, that is.

Using them I have definitely been detailing less and using less towels.

I’ve had to adjust my technique. They’re not exactly the same as using a regular squeegee channel. I am starting to get the hang of them for sure though.

I agree that if you have the funds you should buy one of each. That’s the only way you will know for sure which one will work better for you.

I’ve tried many different channels and handles over the years and eventually found the ones that I liked best.


I like the Moerman, never tried the Wag. I’ve had it for 6 months or so and haven’t perfected it. It’s a fussy tool, it likes a ton of slip, I usually use ettore rubbers but think it works better with harder rubber. I really like the end clips which allow for almost zero detailing, and to me that is the reason for using it, and I think if the clips were not dog eared the tool would be easier to use. It feels cheap and plasticy but it has held up fine.


I recommend buying both. You will be the user, not me nor anybody else. I used Moermans more than 90% of the time the last two seasons (mainly residential and small offices) using only Moerman soft rubber as I don’t deal with hot temperatures. I switched to a Wagtail High Flyer this season so that I could ecperience learning a new tool and be able to make better comparisons.

I like them equally but the Wagtail does better on raised lettering on the few storefronts that I do. I use superglue to retain my Moerman end clips as I have had them fall off.

Anecdotally I speculate that the Wagtail would be better in terms of repetitive stress as multiple angles and wrist positions are allowed whereas the Moerman has a narrower range of functional angles.


I have bought 2 wagtails in the past 6 years,1st one I gave to a competitor, then new topics came up where I thought I should give it another go. That was a mistake I personally do not like the swivel, find it not compatible with my style. Use the excellerator every day, but generally as fixed while in the hand.

Wagtail you have no option its swivel all the time, at least with excellerator you can lock it in you also have the angle control from 40° 25° or 10° as others have said just put Ettore rubber in it and its golden.


Buy a basic Moerman setup, washer, 18", 12" or 14", and carry 2 around, get a fixed handle and an Excelerator handle also get a FLiQ pad for the 12" or 14" and practice with that. If you can master the swivel motion on the Excelerator, then the Highflyer should be no problem.