Something you now know that would have help you earlier in your career


Good window cleaners don’t need rags. Good window cleaners know when to use it, An when not to use it. If your using your rag to wipe every edge your not good yet. I e been in this business for 20 years you won’t lose many jobs because things don’t come out perfect , so holding your employees to a level of perfection is nuts. Yes there is a level of professionalism that has to be upheld, An let’s face it anyone can clean awindow so leaving the windows looking like shit is unacceptable. Btw yes new person to the business is An should use a rag for alll edges, once he gets good he should be able to cut that down.
An this is all pertaining to route work not residential.
I also agree most wont tell you why they stop service, so if your losing jobs you need to find out why. Could be many things.
But 9 out of 10 won’t be Becuse if a drip here or a smear therr


An how long have they been a Window Cleaning Windows ?


Glad to hear that. Too much hate in the world already.

I’ve heard that more than once and it is definitely true.

Definitely true. Forget where I read it… most service businesses (with employees) will lose 10-25% of their customer base each year due to quality issues that are unknown to owner/management.

@Majestic66 definitely a valid point. But correct me if I am wrong I doubt there are many window cleaning companies that have employees with them 20+ years. Even after a few months though someone definitely should be improving and use less towels. Manufacturing companies have entire departments called “quality control.” Whether technicians have been at a facility for 20 days or 20 years doesn’t negate the need for quality control. Same applies to our industry I would think.

Several weeks/months.


Couldn’t of said it better myself. I agree :100: percent.
Same approach with pricing. Becuse one customer , or a handful complain yor prices are to high doesn’t mean we should lower them. There is always going to be a complainer, if you lose a job Becuse if it shouldn’t be a reason to change things or make things perfect.


No your not wrong , but it doesn’t take 20 years to get good at this. Some take longer than others.
Never negates the need for quality control. Even if you were to hire me today you need quality control. Peole get lazy, An they need to know your job is to make sure that there doing there jobs properly.
The whole perfection thing though is nuts. We clean 100s of Windows per day a drip hear an smear therr are going to happen. There aren’t many customers who will hold you to perfection. To me if they do them go find someone else.
I’m not saying Work should not be done properly An professionaly. Like I said they can do it themselves, but therr opting to pay a professional so let’s be professional.
Ther are so many battles yiou have to choose wiTh your employees nit picking them to death will be a losing battle. IMHO !!!
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be saying not good enough.

What drives me crazy is the simple things like. If you just change your runber that wouldn’t be happing, or if you just wet the window in better that wouldn’t of happened. If you just limit your detailing to just the edge you wouldn’t have that rag mark there.
These are all things that come wih wxperice , but you’d be surprised to even an experienced guy gets lazy.
I had a boss’ that would make me go back an clean again if it wasn’t done proroey. He new I was capable already so WTF!!! Lol.
That made me be more cognizant :weary:

I was sent back to a gas station An the owner who I was cool wih says to me it wasn’t me I told him it looks fine.
I just started laughing I know he’s a nut, but truth is it could if been better An should of been.


After hearing things like this from you guys I sure do appreciate my supervisor more. He was super anal about stuff, but in most cases he was very reasonable. It’s nice to see that he actually was just trying to help us be our best.

Again, my overall experience with him was a good one. Just some tough spots here and there.


As do I. Like I said, it’s not the spot check that irritates me. It’s spending twice as long on a job for a 10% increase in quality that 95% of customers will not notice.

Agreed! But you sound like you are rational enough to lay this expectation down clearly before hiring them. Something that did not happen with my experience.


I concur, but like I said I belive nit picking an a level of perfection is a little much to battle your employees over.
Clean a 20 plate store an 10 plates have drips , then ya that’s not acceptable. If your experienced your being lazy if yor new you need more training.