Something wrong with Topic Category dropdown


On my iPhone, trying to select the topic gives me this:

You can see the bottom of the dropdown window is behind the message screen.


Hmm Im investigating this now. When you say “top category” can you please let me know specfically what you are trying to click?

thank you


When you open the category drop down it appears underneath the message area box, so you can not see it. If you think of it like sheets of paper, the category drop down select needs to be on top of the pile. This can usually be fixed by adding z-index attribute to the web page elements.


Do you mean this?


No, the drop down select when posting a topic. He posted a picture in the first post of it.


No Chris, it is the mobile version. The picture I posted was from my iPhone.


The picture I posted was from my iPhone! :grin:

What version and screen size?


I have an iphone they found in King Tut tomb…iPhone 4. I can’t afford one of those new laptop phones.


Can you send me a screen shot of what you are hitting previous to seeing that? Thanks for your help I appreciate it. :smiley:


Sure, I tapped on the Uncategorized button. The part that is blue in this picture:


Oh OK I see what your saying. Yea I’m seeing that as well we will take a look at that shortly. Will post back when I think its resolved.

Thank you


Cool, sorry to find work for you.

So, do I get a badge for that? Maybe we call it ‘Little Troublemaker’ Ha Ha Ha


Hey there - we should have a fix.

Try refreshing your browser cache :wink:

Let me know!


If that means deleteing my search history and logging on anew then I just did. Still same issue.


Hi, more than search history, you need to delete Cache and Cookies. I have the same browser for testing and the error seems fixed for me in there.

I will try more configurations to see if I can reproduce it.


Try this it should help.


USorry, I have an iPhone 4.

This is the screen I have under Safari Settings:

I have done the clear history and data twice. And my phone has reset itself a couple of times, because the battery doesn’t last long.
The other day my son, who’s almost two, turned Siri on…I sware I heard Siri say 'Please, for the love of God, just let me die.'
I sware…

Honestly, I know you guys don’t like bugs in your program but I wouldn’t put too much effort into trying to solve this for an iPhone 4. It might go away with the next Apple update.
I’ll just wait to post new topics from my laptop.

BTW, I just checked and the problem is still there…I wouldn’t worry about it.


@magneticat The above issue has now been corrected.

Thank you,