Some year end statistics


@leavingnc, do you feel that you are maxed out as far as you two can do for work? Or are you gearing up do to $100K each next year? At what point do you think you’d have to hire out?

Again, congrats on an amazing year. I was reviewing your sheet again and like the structure of what you listed. I’m going to make one up for myself based off yours.


for the most part yes we’re not going to have any more exponential gains in our own productivity but rather we might make things 5% more efficient here 10% more efficient there I think it is possible if we work really hard to squeeze out 200k next year but that would mean we would have to have a much busier January and February and add like 1 or 2 k to each other month of the year which we may be able to do as we do more repeat business.

we were talking today at lunch time about what would be our next steps to be able to hire somebody we’re really looking into it for this upcoming spring

thank you


Speaking from a residential perspective, putting graphics on our truck was one of the best things we ever did. It directly paid for itself within 6 months. We did a wrap that cost ~$1500. It still gets us jobs every year.

Additionally, it reinforces professionalism, which is one of those intangibles (along with uniforms, professional bid sheets, etc) that lead to closing more sales. And WAY more
People stop to ask for estimates with the wrapped truck parked at a job.

Finally, Very few people have tried to negotiate with me in the 3.5 years we’ve had a wrap (as opposed to the first few years working out of a subaru with a magnet on the door). It’s more understood that this is a professional business and our price is our price.

So, graphics aren’t mandatory, but if I could go back, I would have wrapped it the minute we got the truck. Of course, early on, there are a lot of things to spend money on (and not a lot of money), so it’s understandable that someone might need to wait to make that move.


What kind of straps are holding down the ladder?



Awesome!! I’ve been planning on wrapping but I keep laying it off. Now I’m getting my 2nd company vehicle and I have to stop laying it off. Especially hearing your testimony TJ. That’s exciting


I would assume most of your jobs were residential?


by number it’s about 50-50 we have about 50 storefronts and we do about 50 houses a month. but by Dollar it’s about 80%-85% residential


Just curious Ben, average window count?


probably 35 as an average. panes that is, not windows


This is fantastic. What a blessing for sure. Now you are only bound by your imagination. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment and reflect on the journey.

Good luck moving forward.


Really interesting metrics. I should start doing something similar for my WC revenue.
Congratulations on having such a good year!


Here are this years statistics

Year end total: $190,920
total number of jobs: 1126
Best month: october $21,114
worst month: march $9,777
average month: $15,910
Largest Job: $3,385
Largest house: $2,803
smallest job: $15 (storefront)
average job: $169 (averaging homes and storefronts)
month with the most jobs: June 116
month with the least jobs: July 68
every month since april has been over $14,800

it was still just scott and I until sept when we hired our first employee, he has worked 248 hours this year


Where are you located? How were the winter months? Did you do any residential work?


Redding Ca

winter is slower, usually about 50-60% of our best month, i have $7500 already booked for Jan.

yes we do residential still but it does decrease. we do a higher percentage of gutters and storefronts


Interesting Nov did better than March even with the fire?


Best thing I’ve done by far ! Agree with your post 100%. An I paid double what you did


yes, November is always a good month, still busy cleaning windows and we also start cleaning gutters