Some year end statistics


I was putting these together to read off at our company christmas dinner (my business partner and I and our wives) and thought i’d share them with you guys, not to brag but because i’m blown away by the blessing it has been to start a business. you’re the only guys I could share this with (other than those at the Christmas dinner) that it won’t be pretentious.

some stats not listed: we are wrapping up our 3rd year, and 98% of the work was done by my business partner and I with the last 2% being done by our friends that helped us by doing some of our storefronts when we are too busy.

How was your year?

What kinda vehicle are you using


That’s fantastic Ben Congratulations!!


we have both our cars setup I have a Ford Explorer and my business partner has a Toyota RAV4 I believe


Two guys did 80k each?




And you carry ladders on them?




Ben, i dont see that as bragging but more of being proud.

Achievements like those are usually well deserved and earned.

Good job and contrats for a great year




You probably could make more by yourself wouldn’t be super hard to do 100-115



I find it interesting that August was your busiest month this year. Here we had a much larger August than usual. Great year to own a window cleaning business.

Thank you for sharing these numbers.


yeah, but i like this better


Great numbers, Ben. My business doubled all of this year from last, and this Fall actually tripled! (June/July still drag me down, but last year it was June/July/August!). Hoping to keep the trend going throughout next year and beyond.


I do too since the call volume slows down in august, but august was our busiest month last year too. it helped that august is when we did that huge job.



That is incredible Ben! Keep up the great work.


Way to go!


Do you feel you’ve received a lot of leads from your window vinyl advertising? If so, proves that car graphics don’t have to be flashy to be affective!


we’ve only had them since oct so i don’t know, we’ve had a few people mention it, more so that people walk by and read it while we’re at a house and ask for a card. i did get a call from a lady the day after we got them who said she called after passing me on the road.