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I want to say a couple things. I’m not sure how it’s going to come across but nonetheless here’s my rant. I want to remind you to have pride in your work. This is more of a reminder for me more than anything. I’m 21 and going to college blah blah blah but everyone around me is going to college for engineering, lawyers, doctors, Physicians Assistant, etc and meanwhile I just want to be a business owner. My whole life professionally has been a train wreck. Got terrible grades although now I’m doing really well because I enjoy my business education in college and so I do well. I know college is unnecessary but I want to get a business education and I feel like it does give me value. A close friend of mine said “are you sure you would enjoy cleaning windows as a career” - yes mofo let me be. I want to be a business owner more than anything and I want you guys to feel proud about the service you provide. Window cleaning is a luxury business and we need to start viewing it like this. I just only started but I got two storefronts and I may get 21 dunkin donuts accounts because my mom knows the owner really well. Plus I have 3 residential customers I gotta call up this spring so I’m slowly chipping away at it. It can seem like a struggle but I know it will all be worth it down the line.

I have control. I can choose who to service / who not to service. I can decide how much revenue I want to bring in. I have the freedom to make the decisions. It’s not going to be easy but I have the freedom to pursue it. At a job your money is limited and I hate working hourly. I can decide how to pay my employees, etc. I just need to have more pride in myself in that “Yes I have a window cleaning business.” Say that proudly and not get affected by others. So yeah, did anyone else struggle with a similar dilemma? Thanks.

Also, I’ve been cleaning windows for about 5 years I would say in New York. My dad hooked me up a pretty sweet gig with his boss in New York so I know window cleaning really well and I know the business somewhat decently. I know it extremely well from the employees side but I’m working on it from the owners side. So it only makes sense that I do a window cleaning business as a career.


I don’t see window cleaning as just a luxury service because I am always cleaning real yucky stuff such as mold from the tracks.

Secondly, I can’t guarantee that your college studies will help you but I’m sure they won’t hurt you.


You ain’t that old so you have time to make mistakes and learn from them. Just don’t get yourself into serious debt for something that doesn’t require a degree. If you work part time and pay the degree off while working then I’d consider it an investment.

Just never seen the point in getting into serious debt myself. Pay for everything yourself and then you’ll truly appreciate it.

The problem with the education system these days is a quick Google search and I can learn more in a hour that you’d learn in a full day with lectures.


I advise new people, and veterans as well, to meet with their local S.C.O.R.E.


It is free and councilors are successful business people who have a wealth of information and resources to help you get on the right track in building a business.

Also, get in the habit of cleaning up your language. It takes your professionalism to the next level. Most everyone uses vulgarities in personal conversations, but when in business settings, go into business mode. It does make a difference in your unconscious attitude about your business that you are building.


Oh yeah?


I have around 16k saved and I go to community college which is about 3k a semester. So yeah I’m not going into debt.


Got my 4 year and would not tell you not to. It would be wrong to say I applied nothing I learned but if you might get more value out a leadership/entrepreneur course

And duck, there is no cursing here?


Yeah I’m going in for a business administration degree and I’m getting value out of it not going to lie. If it adds value to me then I keep doing it. Learning about global business, management, corporations, leadership styles, etc all give me value. But I’m only going to school to learn not necessarily get a job. Although I might want to work in a management position who knows.

And right? I feel like I’m in preschool if I can’t curse lol!


Good luck brotha. I’ve had a lot of set backs and made a lot of mistakes in my life too.

My grandparents were lecturing me this past weekend about “washing windows forever” like it’s bad. “Should have worked at GM” “don’t give up your benefits and pension”. Don’t listen to negative comments from people. Just cause THEY were too afraid to try things, doesn’t mean we should be. Go out, try hard, succeed! And then shake all the money in front of the doubters!!!(even though a lot of it is about working for yourself, your hours and your rules) Lol.


Thanks but no thanks.


What most of my friends and your grandparents don’t understand is that it’s not about the “benefits” or stability. Being a business owner is about having the freedom to call the shots. Don’t like a customer? Drop him! Want to make more money? Do it! You have the freedom to take your destiny into your own hands and something that a regular job doesn’t even come close to! So get out there and make shit happen! Best of luck.



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I’m sure you will learn somethings getting a degree that can be applied to your business and life.


Thanks, I’m new on this forum.

Just registered for a summer class and 5 business classes in the fall! My life will be hectic because I will be juggling multiple things! Hopefully I can manage it, cheers Steve.


Good luck.


Welcome 1984.

I say you’re doing right with taking the business courses. I wish I would have done that and just don’t have the time for it.

Someone mentioned SCORE, they are really good too.

Nothing like a good solid business management education tho. I think it’d have helped me a great deal.


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