Soft wash set up, or power wash set up?


As an update, I ordered the machine. Should be at the terminal next week (I hope). Still leaves me with lots of things to buy yet.
I also want to install a soft wash set up. Going to do roofs, so I have been looking at that.

I’m thinking of going with a 100 PSI 7 GPM pump. Thought about the 5/8 line. Stumped on a reel for it though. I don’t really want to spend 600+ on a reel for the soft wash hose, so I’m looking for alternatives.

I’ll say this much about getting going in power washing/softwashing. Anyone who tells you that you can do this for a grand or there abouts, has NO clue. I would not trust a word they said after that…


Tell me about it…my roof wash set up was WELL over $1k when I was thinking it’d be much less. Factor in the battery, tank, trailer, reel, quick connects etc etc and it adds up quick. Never knew hose reels could cost so much. Got mine for about $379. Titan. Did one job before getting it and it was the absolute worst without the reel. Kinda wish I’d started off with surface cleaning instead of roofs. This has been a great thread to follow, though.


Just as a side note, the direction I went, is NOT the direction I started off at. First I was looking at a cheap belt drive, pull start unit, but ended up with a gear drive electric start unit.
Right or wrong, this is where I am going and I feel its the proper direction.

Thanks to the helpful people here, I think I’ll be starting off on the right foot.


Have you completed your setup?


Not yet. I’m hoping I can find a few things on a black Friday/cyber Monday sale to save a few bucks.

I have reels, machine, tanks and plumbing, surface cleaner, supply hose and reel.
Need 300’ of 2 wire, megs, guns, etc.
I’ll buy soap and chems in the spring. No sense having it on hand for months to sit around here.