So... my city's on fire



Damn :frowning:


my wifes parents and my business partner and 2 other friends were evacuated, we don’t know but i think 1 friend almost certainly lost his house, we don’t know about the rest. i don’t want to be selfish but i can’t help but think about it, we probably lost a few homes that were on the up coming schedule.


my father in law parked his car at our house last night. that is ash on it.


Not Good man! All of my family is in Redding and some of them had to Evacuate. My cousin is Cal-Fire and getting a workout. Stay Safe! and hopefully it will not interrupt business too much for you


Mannnnnn, best of luck and I hope it is over soon! Poor guys


I feel you. About seven months ago we had some huge fires here and burned down a lot of customers houses.


Any update Ben @leavingnc ? I hope you and everyone you know are safe and didn’t lose anything!


The fire burned into the city 8 days ago and destroyed a couple hundred homes in Redding, a friend of mine lost his house as well as 2 of our customers that we had on the schedule. now the fire is birning mostly in the other direction toward a small mountain town but the burn rate has slowed quite a bit. 8 days ago the fire doubled overnight and grew by 40,000 acres in one night, now it seems to be growing by 5-8000 a day which while still quite a lot, is a lot slower that it had been. the containment creeps up by about 5% a day so far and was 37% last time i heard. we are under a red flag warning which means there is a high potential the fire could pick up again but it’s not likely to head back to the city.

the part of the fire that destroyed my friends house created a tornado (firenado) that has been classified as and EF3 with winds of 143 mph.



Wow! So sorry to hear about this. Keeping you, your family and everyone in that area in our prayers!


Good to see you are safe. I have a friend in Redding who lost his house and two cars. They are living in a hotel for the time being.




Ben, I’m sorry to hear about your friend and your customers! I lived in FL about 20 years ago with some really bad fires. It’s scary and sad how fast things can change. I hope it gets contained soon!




Of course!