Smith home improvement app


I keep getting texts from this place called Smith home improvement app… But when I ask for more info, they don’t exactly break their back giving me any. They say I can buy up to 8 refundable create… Anyone every hear of them?


They are terrible,

You might want t check your profile page there to see if they have stolen content from your website,


The funny thing is…I never even signed up with them


You didn’t have to, they did it for you lol.

THeres another new one called Bark that started sending me leads the other day lol


Strange…I told them not to bother me anymore… That I was not interested… They responded by saying, we will not send you anymore leads, but heres the contact info for the person interested in your services… They have me her name and number lol


Ugh I think they are so annoying! I can FINALLY Google our business name and not see a Smith profile that we neither created nor approved of. It took a few months at least to get rid of them.