Anyone else slow right now? I don’t get why we are so slow…We typically aren’t this bad.


I am.


where are you located and how long have you been in business




Also sent out 10k flyers just to bump up sales and very little to no response


On the supplier side in Canada, I can tell you it’s slow right now. Happens this time every year. August is a dead month but things usually pick up again in September once the kids are back at school and everyone’s vacations are over.


Thanks for the update @Beautiful_View crazy how the a good economy can still have a dead month.


Ya, that’s the thing…I don’t think it has anything to do with the economy. iT’s just the mindset of our target clientele. They ain’t thinking window cleaning this time of year. Only a few short weeks to get vacation time and other fun summer stuff in before the fall.


Talk to your existing customers and tell them you have some openings in your schedule. Ask for referrals.
This has always worked really well when I have openings. Word of mouth is so valuable.


every year at this time there is a huge uptick in the number of customers who are surprised that we work in the afternoon, and expressed great concern for our well-being working in the heat.


Aug and Feb, the 2 biggest dips over the year, and the most cancellations, re-evaluations of service, etc

aug a lot of move outs, quit services

I hate these 2 months


SLAMMED! This is really weird for August, normally dead slow.


at the same were slammed too, but a lot of transition

never slammed in feb tho, lol

well, wait a minute, last year there was no rain

February came in May instead


Dead here too. Taking a vacation because it is so slow and I haven’t had a vacation in years.
Summer is traditionally slow, I think because people use it for vacations, kids are home from school, lots of remodeling of homes going on in my area.
Last Summer my slow period was shorter than previous years; this Summer it was good up until this month. September/October should start filling up the schedule again.
As the months tick away, set aside a percentage each week that will collectively hold you over for when it happens again next year - that way you will barely feel it and get to enjoy the time off.
If you could sock away even $50 per week (more on great weeks) x 40 weeks would = $2,000. Consider it a 7% vacation tax on yourself. :wink:


This is why we have the Huge Convention in August


Lol I just saw this and could not agree more!


where are you located Frozone?


Do these people think all outdoor jobs end at noon?


border of Washington and Idaho. It was 106 degrees the other day…


We are in Boise, It was 108 about a week ago Friday. Of all the days to work we ended up doing a 12 hour day. We were beat!