Slimline on extension pole


Wagtail Slimline Flipper Users, help. About to order my first Slimline Flipper and have watched all the videos but still not clear on one thing. How do you operate it properly with an extension pole? Most of the videos I’ve watched stress the importance of the grip - some describe it as ‘holding a pen’ - between the thumb and forefinger. If that is the trick, how is it done when its 12 or 15 feet away and you’re gripping your extension pole and not the wagtail handle?


Check out some YT videos of guys who are good with pivoting tools (wagtail, excelerator), then get out and practice. Polzn Bladz, Luke, Steve-O, Wagga, Herman Wieland, Trad-Man all have some great videos, and I’m sure there are a lot I’ve left out.