Skreen Out feed back


Meant combination. LOL :blush::smile:


Video coming soon on Hidden Gems Window Cleaning Resource Youtube.

It will be brief but definitely a Hidden Gem.


So it seems that some people not to sure how this works?
Is there someone here uses it in combination with other tools to get tight screens out of the windows.
If so show a video how you do it, to help the ones that are not to sure.:wink:


Argh I don’t have a computer or video editing software but I’ll put up some pictures when I get the chance.

I use an automotive trim tool as a pry bar/lever and the skreen out to coax the screen forward of the window frame


Could you show me a picture of what you mean regarding the bending bit.


This one got to do with the Skeen Out?? right?


Just seeing if you receive this.


Yes, hi Herman.
Better to reach me at


So be doing a few videos show how to use your Skreen Out in combination with other tools on very tight screens.
Any suggestions or situations where you like any advice ??
Make video on it.


Did it have the Skreen Out LOGO on it??


This is where it usually bends why I try to use it. I may just not be using it corectly


Just watched you video, looks like I just wasn’t using it correctly, I’ll have to give it a try next time.


I recognize that hand and tool! :wink:


Yes make a few videos showing how to use when doing tight screens.
In this case you would probably use another tool to make space so to get Skreen Out behind the screen.
Then be able to pull out.
That one has a label on the handle??


I don’t know if the one in the picture does, I just grabbed it off the internet. But I know mine in the truck has it.


Yes it does have the sticker, that pic is one I posted here a while back @Bluebird_Exteriors


Yes Skreen Out should look exactly like this


Anyone here just recently bought one?


I’ve been considering it. I have a hard time deciding to get it or not when paint can openers are $0.99.

I do have a screen question though…

I have a nursing home prospect and I can’t get to some of the rooms because they have patients with specific needs and I can take them out from the inside. Any way to get the screen off from the outside? PICTURE BELOW.


First are the windows at height??
If not ask them to just unlatch them put back on, the other way around.