Skreen Out feed back


Been while since the Skreen Out stated selling in the states.
Anyone like to show (video) how they work for you.
Maybe different uses??
DID YOU KNOW ( Skreen Out screen tool LOGO is Registered Trademark in the States ) as below in the picture.


I bet about 100% use a paint can opener with or without a slightly bent tip. As they are and always will be the best… that looks like an expensive putty knife…



You know I love the Skreen out tool I give a great review.

(But I don’t do the whole video deal)



Robert that’s a lot of assumptions on your part in your reply.


I use my skreen out on just about every job and I love it way better than the paint can opener, as long as the screens are not extremely snug.

For feedback I’d point out that it’s definitely not a pry tool, and works best in tandem with another device (like a paint can opener, or an automotive trim wedge) that is sturdier and smaller for really stubborn screens.

Maybe a 2-tool kit would be nice?


I would be very interested to see how people use these. I got one to try it out and all it did was bend. Maybe the screen was too tight… I sure would like to know how I can use this tool I bought :thinking:


I have been using one. I like it. It can bend easily though. I may use it rougher than others lol.


Mostly opinion but yes some assumption. I said I bet about 100%… and my bet was wrong and I lost. I wasn’t rude in my “assumptions” that’s why I started with I bet… and not … no one uses that tool…

And I was totally corrected but I still stand my ground about ME only ever needing a paint can tool as I have never had a single issue bending, damaging , or any difficulty even when extra snug.


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Also, they prevent any type of damage. Even scratches. From what I remember, it was only a few bucks. It’ll be a tool that I buy again. Not great for everything but overall, I like it.


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I’m with Robert on this. Paint can opener for about a buck. Added bonus - the looped end of the opener is equipped to open a bottle of beer. One of the three most important things I learned as a painter.


I been using a paint can opener. Haven’t had a chance to use anything else. The plus side of a paint can opener is when a customer wonders about that cool tool that you are using and you say a paint can opener and they have that look on their face.


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When did you get that one?
Show me what it look’s like.


So do not understand Skreen Out.
Does not bend very easily could someone show me what you mean??


I have one on my belt, I use it when ever a screen doesn’t have a tab to lift or if its a bit tight, I have watched a few videos of screens and window designs in the US and it might seem like this product is more suited to the screens over here where they are normally built to a standard which is uniform to the type of windows, I find it works great on these what I refer to as functioning screens that are made to the dimensions to the tracks without having to be secured by any fastening devices.

Non functioning screens are generally what I call screens that are home made, or made by someone who didn’t understand how the screen was supposed to be fitted and is more likely some how wedged or secured with some type of fastening device.

But overall in my particular area, I have well made screens that this tool does do a better job than a paint can opener as most of the screens are powder coated, so tool marks from metal tools can be quite obvious compared to the skreen out.


Thanks for that review.
Yes you can also use it in combination with other tools.
Once hooked behind screen can pull tight screens out.


Here are some of ways you can the Skreen Out.
As said before it is not limited to using it this way.
Can also use in commination with your other tools.


That’s awesome. I’ll get one to pair with my AR!

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