Sills and trim in waterfed?


What is the standard method for waterfed pole work when it comes to sills and trim? Do you just avoid getting them wet or so you clean them well and then not worry about drips or do you wash the trim, let it dry, THEN go back and do the window? I can’t seem to find any clear information or instructions on this…


Clean the frames and sill first then the glass. Sometimes you need to clean frames on several windows to allow the top to stop dripping before returning to clean the glass while avoiding the top inch of the window so as not to cause more dripping.


Must clean frames, should always be part of the process.

The video has low sound but may be helpful anyway.


Thanks guys, I have a pretty crucial WFP residential coming up here real soon, so I just needed some guidance and reassurance. :slight_smile:


I do something pretty similar to @anon46335951.
I scrub several frames FIRST then go back and clean the glass. I also splay the bristles more in the 4 corners and give them a bit more attention. For me, I find dirt in corners if I don’t give them some extra attention.


Great point, by pre washing a row of windows allow some drip time which can be very beneficial