Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?


Nah, dude…
We just take the whole truck!


And when you call for a ride home… we wait around the corner.

And steal that car, too! :yum:


He helped me get out the door when I started. He always seemed to be thinking and doing different things all at once. Aren’t all business owner’s doing the same thing? The most I got when I first watched was getting a business shirt or two so that way you at least had something


You should listen to Jordan Peterson, he’s a clinical psychologist/professor and helps with dealing with personality issues etc.


Keith can actually get you motivated - there is that word - to build your business. Anyone can do it on their own, sometimes they need a boost or visual motivation to get out and be their own hero.


I’ve listen to them all shit I even listen to the “The Dirt Monkey” and I don’t do any landscape work at all. What they have done is take and explain for the most part GET OFF YOUR ASS and make a go at it. I never seen anyone say its gonna be easy work needs to be put in.

As of late I’ve been listening to Luke ( as always seems he just explains it in a way that keep you involved) Outlaw Window Cleaner he just speaks my mind LOL. And the list of Working cleaners Steve O Trad Marcus Polz Window Cleanse and many others ( I cant list all well I can but I would stop reading).

You need to pick what parts fit how you work and run with them. Lets take Outlaw he was one that posted about Groupon and I know some don’t like that but if it fits the newbie then why not. Me I like more of the worker showing and talking over the hey BUY this book type. But those like Keith do motivate newbies nothing wrong with that. Ive taken a little piece of all of them and tried to make my way in starting from scratch. Ive listen to tips and even tried some that just didn’t work for me. But that’s how I take it Each one shows you a way that might work (MIGHT) not a guarantee.

Ok enough of me ranting on to next job. As Bucket BEN would say got to make that 0.50c


Love it




I respect Keith as a fellow YouTuber. But I would be cautious about some of The advice. I know his story was out of hunger and he needed the work. He has helped motivate a ton of people. He may be the world’s best landscaper , but window cleaner or the business advice on window cleaning is questionable. I would always take the best from any of us youtubers…even our channel. Nobody has all of the answers. Be smart and use common since when searching for business advice.


Last comment. Id say this. Kalfas is a very nice guy and means well. He is a bit like James Ray the self help guru from the secret . Kalfas is the self help guru of the service industry that covers a broad spectrum of topics and issues. But at the end of the day his advice could do some unintentional damage. But hey what do I know ?? I’m just another window cleaner with a gopro and a squeegee.


I wouldn’t take any advice off of Youtube to run a business with. Youtube videos certainly have their merit and people can learn things in a visual demonstartional way. I do think he offers up many people motivation to just get out there and do it…Kind of like - “Look at here, it can be done!”

Business advice should be gleaned from a professional for the specific advice one seeks. Of course, there is always trial and error too. :wink:


My favorite


I would say, find a business mentor or a friend who is more successful than you. I happen to have two of these guys, one younger and one older who I get advice from for different things. It’s seriously one of the only reasons I’m still doing what I do. Like Joshua Latimer says, “if you’re not the smartest man in the room, something something something…”


Your local S.C.O.R.E. center is a great starting point for business advice and it is at no cost to you.


I’ll chime in here. I confess: I quit my job, I had enough abuse. I decided to do what I love to do. Well, what is that? I realized I love to clean glass. So just like that I started a window cleaning company. I needed information. I bought Kalfas’ book first thing. I watched his videos. I decided I didn’t like his style. I shave in the morning and gave up cussing like a sailor years ago. I like Luke. I watch his vids and study this industry. I bought more equipment to replace my thirty year old equipment. In a month I made 300 dollars, got two storefronts AND did a house with the storm windows. Keith got me started, even if it was to show me things I don’t want to do or to be. I found this forum and it is my lifeblood until I get going. Read on, and thanks for all the vast wisdom and knowledge on this website. Luke, you rock, and I hope to know you personally.


i found this place because of kalfas so i owe him that atleast. Hes entertaining and has been through it all business wise starting from the bottom. Sure dont follow all of his advice but hes a genuine guy and is open with his viewers. Way better than that eric guy


If you like motivational videos then search David Goggins and listen to him talk about being driven as opposed to motivated. I bet it changes your mindset on motivation.


He didn’t say anything in this video about being licensed as a business. He was talking about filling as an SCorp and the video was encouraging other that they can do it and don’t have to he intimidated like he was when he first started out.

He wasn’t says ng don’t get insur e he as saying you don’t have to be intimidate and you can do it.

Respectfully it seems you are seeing something you want to see.


No lawyer would ever advise you to sue someone who has nothing. That case would get thrown out of court as quick as the guy slipped.


The difference between KK and JL is that JL has 10x more experience in running a company, and currently has a very large, experienced team behind him.

I havent watched KK in years, but his old videos seemed like a blueprint for racing to the bottom dollar for beer / child support money.