Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?


The tax info and license thing are facts not “beliefs”.

A lot of people here have started their business without insurance, they also didn’t need a stupid license. For me it was, start a business with very little or just put off my dream of starting a business. Sometimes in life you have to just go for it. Starting with very little and being upfront about it can go a long way. When people asked me if I had insurance I told them the truth. It sounds like you are new to business. Let me give you some valuable info, many storefront business and residential clients don’t care that much about insurance or whats on paper. Residential clients make decisions based on their gut not what is on paper. When they asked I told them that I didn’t have insurance and I barely had experience and they they hired me to do the work because I am confident and that gave them confidence. Business is about what you can do not what is on paper, this is the real world not school. When they are face to face with me they know I am the right guy for the job. You have to sell yourself, always be selling!


You, and others, have taken that statement out of the context in which it was written. Please go back and re-read it within the proper context. Basically, Kalfas admits to not starting legal…for where he lives they are required…he basically has the attitude that he didn’t do it the correct way, so what the heck.

My stance is, if it’s required than do it.

It is encouraging to read that your company is doing so well. Good job.


Cities that require a license for storefront and residential cleaning are just blood sucking leeches, I don’t feel bad that some window cleaners decide to ignore that law.


Don’t act like you have never broken the law. A lot of people break traffic laws everyday on purpose or by accident. Some laws are minor, its not the end of the world because some window cleaner cleaned some glass without a license. I will J walk if its convenient for me. Some times you have to take a chance. Life has bigger battles.


I’m not wrong about the taxes…because, I didn’t write that you couldn’t use a ITIN as a Sole Proprietor. In the context in which I was writing SSN was referenced.

No need to give advice here…I can’t agree with your mindset and I’m not as new as you think…insurance minimizes risk.

If you and your customers are ok with it then more power to you.

A Wing and a Pray Window Cleaning isn’t for me. When the shi# hits the fan I want a little protection.


Again this is wrong. you can always pay the tax collector, the tax collector wont turn down money.


Even people who are here illegally can get a tax ID and pay taxes.


lol. Why would you get bent out of shape because someone does a risk vs reward assessment and they decide they can clean a couple of little stores before they get insurance. If you think this is risky, then why would you become a window cleaner, we risk our lives to clean high windows. You are making such a bid deal over something so minor.


So using water on sidewalks while foot traffic walks by, 1 guy sees an opportunity, he slips on your water and sues you… oh what no insurance… bye bye house… bye bye car… bye bye savings

Terrible advice.


I am not saying that someone should not have insurance. Insurance can be a life saver. “Bye Bye house” lol didn’t have a house to lose. People who have less to lose can take different risks. Risk assessment if different case by case. I was tlking about risk vs reward, someone who is broke can do things differently and adapt as things grow.


you can get sued by someone picking a fight with your on the street. Do you have insurance to cover this situation? they make insurance for this type of situation. If you are not covered then say bye bye to your house.


LOL, maybe you might be.
I don’t normally stroll around the streets picking fights… what you get up to in your personal time is your business.
Not sure how that comparison works in this scenario.


I am saying that someone can pick a fight with you or target you, this is not a business situation, but you can still get sued by anyone at anytime. It sounds like you are not cover when it comes to non business situations. So I can also say bye bye house


Some people get hardcore when it comes to business risk but then they get to relaxed when it comes to non business situations. Forget business, we all have to make a risk vs reward assessment on our own situation to get through life day by day.


Your just being pedantic now.

If some one picks a fight with me how are they gonna sue, what is wrong with you.
You make no sense, you made silly statement now trying to defend your silly statements grow up.

The simple fact of the matter is if you do store front work you are going to eventually find your way into a mall… Once you are there the mall will require you to have public liability insurance or you will not be allowed to work there.


They can say that you attacked them, they can press charges and sue you. Of course this is unlikely, just like the slipping on water situation. If you clean 1 million stores, this will be more likely, if you clean 2 stores, there is a good chance that you will be ok. A lot of businesses no longer clean at the mall because they don’t want to deal with the headache that come along with mall management. Someone could realistically clean a couple storefronts, non mall stores, and make some money without getting sued, then get insurance before taking on more risk. It worked for me and many others.


Good lord this thread is starting to circle the drain. If you are required by your locality to have a license and insurance, yet choose to ignore either requirement - you are operating illegally. Justify it however you choose but that’s the facts. A license fee is a tax. Leeching govt? Sure. But still required.
Here I am required to have a sales tax id. This is my license. I am not required to have insurance. That is my choice.

Now, lets all binge watch Family Guy for some true motivation…



Somewhere in this forum, there is a post… (5 yers ago, now?)

Street Bidder was coming out, and I mentioned “forget bidding, this would be awesome for current customers.”

I ain’t asking for a royalty lol, but more to agree with Jared… motivation comes wherever you can get it from.

This Keith guy seems ok to me.
And his presence here online, is more than it is around here. I never see him, anywhere
(wish I DID, Id like to say “Hey”)

But he’s a Detroiter, and you know how WE are… not really sure if you like us or not. :grin:


Prone to stealing tools out of my truck?

I kid :grin: