Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?


Yes, it is.
In most states, if you earn money in a trade that requires a business license then you pay taxes on the earnings from that trade. The reverse is also true. The only way that you can legally report your earnings from a business is for that business to be licensed in the area/state you performed the work in.
Also, try paying sales tax on work you performed without a business license. Also, true to get insurance without a tax id number…you might get by with it for a while, but you’ll get caught sooner or later.


But not all states. In VT, most banks will let you open your checking account under a dba without registering with the state. You can file your taxes as a sole proprietorship under your SSN. I doubt VT is the only state like that.


How in the world could you come to that conclusion, based on what I wrote. I pointed to Kalfas attitude of coming into an industry with no respect for the laws and safety of people around him, low balling the professionals that have taken the time to follow the law…then he wants to thump his chest and say "Dat’s how you do’it, Bro."
Do you really see that as me being jealous of Kalfas? Maybe so after your introduction post to the forum, maybe so. Rules are for fools, right?

Not jealous of Send_Jim either, don’t know him. I know he hasn’t been as active as he claims…check his stats. Maybe, at one time he was. Now, he is another businessman who is farming his crop…nothing wrong with that. If you re-read my post I didn’t slam Slim_Jim.


I have nothing of value to add to this conversation, but all I could think of when I read this was:


Yes, we are in agreement.

‘Most’ is equal to 'Not All’:smile:

I doubt VT is the only state, as well. But, you are filing under a ‘Sole Proprietorship’, your SSN is your tax ID number, that is a form of filing your business tax. Point is you still have to file. If you are in a state, or city, that requires you to collect sales tax then they generally require you to be licensed to do business in that area also.

I don’t know you’d go about getting business insurance to cover your business activities without being in business?

In his videos’, Kalfas admits he didn’t start out legal…then he goes on to say that he can’t tell people to do what he didn’t. He admits to using lowballer tactics. Hence my post about his ethics.



Sorry, typo


a. we don’t collect sales tax on services where i live, so it may be different on that point.

B. in my city, you don’t need a business license unless your income from work within the city limits exceeds $4800 a year.

c. i have to report all income, regardless of source to the irs and state, the business license has literally nothing to do with that.

you can go out there and start earning money without a license and without insurance and as you MAKE money, add those things. that is exactly what i did. i got my business license 3 months after i started and insurance 13 months later. there is nothin illegitimate about that


This statement is flat out false.

Where i live there is no license for most storefront and residential window cleaning. Maybe high rise guys or guys doing a lot of new construction cleans need a license. Even if someone does not have a license they can still get a ITIN from the tax collector and pay taxes. Anyone can get an ITIN even illegals immigrants.


whats next, do the guys that wash my vehicle need a license too? If I hire someone to wipe down my bathroom counter, should they have to get a license to? What a joke. Where can I get a license to pet my neighbors dog?


Dee. I wasn’t speaking to your comment specifically. My comment was a general, standalone comment about the tone of the entire thread. It just happened to land behind yours.

In fact, I like your comment because you brought valid, arguable points. Many of the other comments are unsubstantiated and worthless to what the original poster is trying to find out.

That being said, I like Kalfas, but if the original poster has a gut feeling about Kalfas’ validity as a business man and window cleaner maybe he should follow his gut rather than a forum of people with a million different opinions on one guy who has put himself out there.


Another false statement.

You can be a sole proprietor and use your SSN or a ITIN. you have that choice where I live.


This is a silly comment though. Retaliatory for no reason. @kyle actually saved my butt on that one and I learned something valuable from someone on the forum. I think that’s the point actually. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and made a mistake trusting information from one source.

Didn’t you say you made the EXACT SAME mistake in the exact introduction post?? Retaliatory and hypocritical if we’re honest with ourselves, right?



oops this post is directed at @Dee not squidskc. If someone has 2 storefronts they can realistically clean them without damaging anything or hurting anyone. Most people would be ok without insurance for a little while because it is very low risk. At some point it makes sense to get insurance. Think about all the risk that we take in life, we are on a big planet that spins in circles. We have cars whizzing by us everyday take can kill us. We have to balance risk vs reward. Should I wear a helmet when I walk into a restaurant? What if i pass out and hit my head on the ground. lets all live in a bubble so all the insurance company’s can get rich. Lets get insurance for our insurance and for everything in life.


I apologize for taking your comment as directed at me.

I also apologize for being harsh toward you.
Sorry Bro


Sorry, can’t disagree with your beliefs more.


How so? tell me. @Dee


Let’s hope you are making more than $4800 a year, right?


Well, eh, your beliefs differ from mine and I don’t agree with you.


right, we’re close to that a week now, but my point still stands. You said if you don’t have a business license you’re not paying taxes that’s just not true.