Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?


I’m more motivated by creating my own success and financial freedom than listening to others about how they created theirs. It’s my own little personal policy.

Basically, I could care less about what’s in their wallet. I’m more concerned with what’s in mine. Building my own successful career is way more motivating to me. Keeps me goin. :wink:




You take that back!


I definitely don’t see Latimer as a con-man. He always sounds genuine. Ife he is a con-man some of those interviews on the quick talk podcast wouldn’t be going on.

I always saw Josh as a very reliable, great guy. I’m​honestly shocked that some people trust Keith over Joshua. Not that I distrust either but at first glance I trust Latimer.


more i think about it,the funnier it is! its like Trump, he comes over here in the UK as a bit mad -but i like that . keith too comes over as mad- but- honest / prepared to take the risk in life . i guess you cant please everyone,when youre on the public stage . id kinda hope that josh latimer reads this and tells the real back story of the rise n sale of that biz he had .

i know it wouldnt look good if the reality was he sold it for 1 dollar ,but itd make damn good reading.


@KeithKalfas thought I would let you know that there’s a thread dedicated to you, just in case your ears were burning.
@Send_Jim your in this thread also, I didn’t want you to miss it.




I don’t have anything to add to this thread. Just sitting back laughing at some on these comments.


I don’t know about these guys but I would feel pretty bland if I didn’t have any critics. It shows substance in character. Lol


I would feel pretty Bland if I did


Subtle as hell, and spot-on!


I was waiting for this


Josh Latimer is extremely legitimate. He’s a very sharp businessman with a background in finance. I’ve seen his operation it’s everything he said it was.


Can you explain further? Why would you feel bland if you had critics?

Is it because everyone else has critics? All the successful people have critics?


Well, I understand the sentiment.

When I first launched my podcast (and before that an old eBook package called window wealth) I felt very nervous knowing that there would be people that would not like me, my style or my message.

It just kinda comes with putting yourself out there.

Keith has helped a lot of people who are down in the dumps ready to give up. He gets emails and letters all the time from people thanking him. I think that is super cool.

I know my stuff has helped a lot of people too but obviously its not for everyone and not everyone needs it.

We are all in different spots in our lives and businesses and it just takes time to get to where we want to go.

I think when listening to anyone just try and filter out the good and use what helps you.

Sometimes Ill listen to an entire podcast for an hour just to get one 30 second gold nugget.

Ive also been a member of this forum for a very long time (I think I was around the 1,000th registrant)

I was helped immensely by everyone on here at the time.

I spent hours combing through threads trying to learn.

If you get value from Keith then go for it and thank him for it. If not, thats ok too.

At a minimum you should know that I didn’t just show up online last week. I have been making content and trying to help for many years now and love this community.


According to Keith, it’s okay to start a “Professional” business without Insurance or being licensed. If you are not licensed then you are not paying taxes on the money you’ve earned being a “Professional” anything.

I admit he has probably helped a lot of people, but how many has he harmed in the process?..Kalfas’ message, ‘Don’t worry about doing it legal. Don’t worry about carrying insurance and protecting yourself, the people who work for you, the people who come and go from your clients businesses, your clients homes…It’s all cool, man. Cause if you listen to ol’ Keith it’s about killing it and bringing it home, baby. That’s right, I got 43 jobs in 48 hours because I lowballed the ba’shizel out of some REAL PROFESSIONAL’S TERRITORY. That fool I lowballed was worried about doing it the right way. He was licensed and insured, ha ha ha. The fool was even paying taxes on what he earned…WHAT A FOOL HE WAS!!! Where’s this “Pro” at now? He’s sitting at home moaning in his Cheerios’s, cause Kalfa’s the youtube pro blew up his paycheck. Monnnnneyyy, in da’ bank baby."

Yeah, I can see what you mean about how he’s helped a lot of people. He’s really helping the industry as a whole. He’s kind of like the stripper who danced her way through business school, and now that she’s made it, everyone should show respect.

I don’t know you Send_Jim but I know a lot of people here respect you. I am not trying to start anything either.

This Kalfas guy has some serious ethics issues and you want people to listen to him?

It’s guys like him that encourage people to get into an industry, by hook or by crook, and the industry suffers for it. Things go wrong and people get hurt physically or financially and these Kalfas-types just hit the road. This leaves a bad taste in our customer’s mouths…and the next couple of Truly Professional Window Cleaners are going to get an earful because of it.

Just a little curious why you would suggest anyone waste their time sifting through a pile of pig shite trying to find a pearl of wisdom.

ps Here’s a pearl of wisdom from me…he is the cleanest and palest lawn care / window cleaner guy I’ve ever seen…even for an owner.


Whoa… and jealousy of success exposes itself… This thread kinda reminds me of one guy in particular on the PWRA forum is apparently a millionaire in the PW game, but he is cynical, negative, and doesn’t really bring much to the table.

I’m new to the game, but here is what I know: You can learn and apply something from anything you watch/listen to, try it more than once, tweak it if it works for you, jettison it if it doesn’t.

Keith Kalfas videos are valuable for anything you take from it that helps you grow a business. He has his own way to clean windows, but show me two window cleaning technique twins. He may not have dazzled any superstars here, but here’s what I get from Keith Kalfas:

Hustle, grind, and keep moving.
Multiple revenue streams are a good thing. Guess who is still getting paid while work is slow and other window cleaners are complaining in a forum?
Don’t wait to be the perfect window cleaner, start now.
He gets things done.

You know Kalfas, like Josh, built businesses in one of the most economically disadvantaged places in the country right?

That’s motivating in itself! If your market is better than Detroit or Flint you already have an advantage over Josh and Keith!

If Josh is a conman, he’s got me hook, line, and sinker. I’ve listened to his podcast, many episodes on loop. He has MILLIONAIRES on in the housecleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning industry… so who cares how you feel about Josh?

Millionaires like him enough to share their stories and deliver helpful information to thousands of window cleaners and pressure washers. Don’t buy the stuff he’s selling if you don’t want to. The information is gold!

I’m not the best window cleaner or the best pressure washer, but I do know cynics and naysayers aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy. And that sounds miserable.

Everyone has their own opinion and mine is that you keep hustling, keep grinding, and take whatever information is valuable TO YOU from any source available.


This is why I love the forum community so much. All the differing opinions among cleaners and business owners!


that’s just flat out not true.


So I don’t know who Keith Kalfas is…

Josh Lattimer seems nice and I definitely remember when he used to be around the forum a lot years ago. Always felt like he was one of us. I occasionally Listen to his podcast, and it’s interesting.

I don’t love how many emails he sends out, but that’s what most companies do these days, so I can’t fault him.

I guess I primarily have learned from this forum and then face-to-face. Also an economics class or two, an in-person seminar or two, and my wife got a business degree a couple years ago, and we got some nice practical tidbits from that as well. I’ve never had a ton of time/interest in YouTube videos about window cleaning.

I think it all depends on what your vision for your business is. There are many ways to learn, but it’s only relevant if it fits your goals. So the better question would be “What are your goals and what kind of a business do you want?”

EDIT: Thinking about this comment, and I want to stress again how incredible this forum has been for us. From pricing to technique to how to deal with various issues that come up–SPECIFICALLY FOR A WINDOW CLEANING BUSINESS-- I’ve learned more from the guys than anywhere else. Thank you Chris, Alex, and many commenters. Participate, but don’t forget the “Search” function. There is a wealth of practical knowledge here.