Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?


I’ve heard some weird stuff from Kalfas. I like how he is very motivating, I’m not sure of some of his window cleaning business ideas.

Is he good to listen to for being motivated? I also listen to Joshua Latimer for ideas and motivation.

Keith Kalfas

Sure why not? Get your motivation from wherever you can get it. Just always take stuff with a grain of salt. Just because someone claims to make $400 per hour doing route work doesn’t mean it’s really possible for you in your market.


Just don’t follow any of his window cleaning specific advice. He seems to know what he is doing with landscaping and general business management, but his window stuff is a mess.



Keith has built several streams of revenue from virtually nothing and talks about his past to help inspire others.

He has several different YouTube channels that offer insightful information that is focused on helping people be successful. He’s transparent and discloses things that many others keep as “trade secrets”.

While not all of his techniques work, on the whole his information is valuable.



Should Keith Kalfas be listened to for motivational purposes?

Only if he motivates you.


Oh man,
This question can open a huge can of worms.

I have watched many of his videos.

Making videos is hard. Sometimes the things you say can be edited out to save time, etc…which my alter the message you intended to deliver.

I had to stop watching his videos because, TO ME, at times he seems to have an issue with respecting others and ethical business practices. (There is a huge difference between disagreeing and disrespecting)

This might be a reason why he is absent here.

Remember, he is selling a book and he makes money off of the videos on youtube, he probably is a motivational speaker too :confounded:

Many times being controversial brings the crowd…TO ME, it’s an old Carnie Schtick and a turn off.

There are a lot of great vid’s put out by WCRA members, old and new.

That’s motivation for me.

I agree with Garry “Be Your Own Hero”. Every time you hear that little voice of doubt in your head tell it, “Shut up and get in the truck. We’re doing this!”

Zig Ziglar
Les Brown
Jim Rohn
Earl Nightingale
Dale Carnegie
Chris Gardner
Are some of my motivators and they are all on youtube.


In my quest for info in the beginning, when I was considering this field for a possible business, I listened to Joshua Latimer and really enjoyed his message. I listened to KK for a minute and he resonated at first, but he started to lose me when he stopped being professional. I completely respect what he is accomplishing and I love that he picked himself up and did something with himself. If even a fraction of the down and out people in the world just tried half as hard as he did then we would have a better world.

His book reads like it was written with talk to text and gave me a headache with very little real info.

Motivation? Hell yes, if he motivates you. Motivation can come from a lot of different sources so get yours however and wherever you can!


Why not?


in a recent vid i saw kalfas whining "iv been feeling like jacking it all in " [his business]

thats the reality of it

latimer has dragged down keith in my opinion. keith seems like he listens to other deadbeat gurus which is a mistake in my opinion


What do you mean by “Jacking it all in”?

Why do you think Joshua Latimer has dragged Keith down? I’m just wanting your opinion, these questions aren’t meant to be rude.


@Garry can I use that picture?


when keith first started posting his vids they were HIM, his advice was pure, based around his real life experiences-great vids
only later when he got matey with latimer and goodness knows who else the advice never felt like it was his anymore, as if he is spouting off something hes heard . i cant put my finger on it ,but latimer comes over as a conman , and the keith of late comes over as if hes lost his way
i WANT keith to make that million , i really do,he deserves it by the sounds - but hope he listens to the business advice coming at him-and then goes and does the exact opposite!


jacking it all in = giving up




The thing about the motivational speaker types is, they all say the same thing. Some package their delivery with a bit of a different twist, but they all have the same message. If you find someone whose delivery resonates, and it gets you pumped up to take action, then go for it. But if it doesn’t actually get you to take action, then you are just killing time.

Edit: What I would not look to KK for is, how to clean a window


The Latimer comment is interesting to me as I considered Send Jim and Radius Bomb. In the end I decided against both products as I felt the service was lacking and ultimately being overhyped.


something about his background didnt ring true. i forget the exact details but it read like "i built a business up from nothing to ending up with dozens of workers and multiple crews and ultimately sold it for mega bucks "

it reminded me of an ex employee i once had, he told me his background was serving in the merchant navy. One day as we cruised along in the van i asked him which side of the ship is port and which is starboard. he didnt know ! and i realized he had never walked the gangplank


Should he be listened to? I don’t know but can you listen to him? I cant. His videos make me feel like I’m drowning in Axe Body Spray and Tapout tank tops.


I thought the same exact thing. It was like his story didn’t lineup from each of the videos he launched, plus what his partner shared with me.

I watched several of his videos to get a feel for him and his companies. The monthly dollar amounts didn’t line up, his crew sizes didn’t always match, and ultimately when I heard that he and his partner were “bought out” by a VC firm that was enough.

VC firms typically don’t buy window washing companies because there is no tangible asset. Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it is highly unlikely.

I wish everybody who works hard and is inspired to be an entrepreneur much success. If their story is true, good for them – I just find it hard to believe.