Should I be suspicous?


Got a call from a project manager of a new construction home. He wants me clean the windows and frames of the house even though the construction is not nearly complete because he’s not going to pay the window company till the windows and frames are cleaned and he can see that all is good. I have never had this before and I’m nervous they are looking for someone to blame any imperfections on.( the windows are full of debris because they weren’t covered well) Although Ive done my fair share of ccu’s I have not come across this. Is this a normal request or should I run? ( I tried to pass on the job, but I came recommended and said they would wait till I have the time.)


Since you come recommended and they clearly want you to do the job, I would talk to them about it. Put something in writing if you need to. If they make the conversation difficult or won’t put something in writing then walk.


Trust your senses. If it doesn’t feel good then cover your butt with a written agreement. Or, if you don’t NEED the income, just turn it down and tell them exactly why you are refusing.

Oh, and take pictures before you start the work. Lots of pictures.


If you take it on, go in with the clear understanding by them that you are NOT responsible for any residual affects from removing construction debris.

You will want that in writing.

It is the contractors and project managers job to ensure that the construction crew does their job properly in protecting the windows; not pass it on to the window cleaner after sloppiness and lazy work practices have happened.


“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

"There’s a sucker born every minute" is a phrase closely associated with P. T. Barnum, an American showman of the mid-19th century, although there is no evidence that he said it. Early examples of its use are found instead among gamblers and conmen.

And contractors. Haha


“I don’t like to paint with a broad brush, but every contractor in the world is a miserable, incompetent thief.”
-Ron Swanson




Unless they’re willing to pay what you want plus 20%, and pay upon completion, i would run to my next job and forget about it.


“ You don’t have to take every job that comes your way “

Mike Majestic

“ Even if your recommended “

Mike Majestic again !


Lets see. You have a project manager who is refusing to pay the window people, because other contractors did sloppy work getting Lord know what all over the glass. I’m pretty sure the windows cost more than you will charge.

1 When do you think YOU are getting paid?
2 What kind of jerk is he? How is it the fault of the window guy what every other contractor does?
3 What excuse will he have for not paying you? Or what will he blame you for, like he’s doing to the window guy?

At no amount of money, and no WAY I would do any work for someone unreasonable like that. I don’t care if Trump recommended me. Not doing the job for these kind of people.


Ding ding ding ding !!! :boxing_glove:
^^ That’s the closest thing to a red flag I can find. Besides ya might need it if you take this job


I would be as up front as possible, maybe even meet with him and wash a few windows so he understands what’s coming off and what’s not.
It’s possible your standards of quality are not that far apart from his anyway.


With reasonable people this works. For a job like that it sound like you’ll need an attorney to draft up an official legal contract so you can put a LIEN on his property when he doesn’t pay. Oops my bad I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions, I meant to say when he doesn’t pay. Oh I almost forgot to mention to have recourse when the contractor doesn’t pay. lol


If you are already very busy, I would pass on this job.
Let us know what you decide.


Never get involved in a land war in Asia. And never match wits with a contractor when MONEY is in the line! Ha ha ha ha ha!


You just fell victim to one of the classic blunders!
LOL good movie.


Go with your gut , and run. Sounds like they are looking for someone to pin the problem on. Where they asking a lot of questions about your insurance ?
Just be honest , tell the builder : hey man, I’m going to be up front with you . what you want me to do is really risky , and frankly I don’t want to get involve between you and the window company and every contractor that step foot on this project . Thank you for taking me into consideration , and I hope you find someone else to sucker


I would NOT do the job unless you have a written and verbal understanding signed and dated. Payment should be received immediately. I would watch out because it sounds like the company will try to wait till inspection passes before paying you so its a way to hold your money or screw you over. You’re a third party in the middle of a deal and lets face it, many construction companies are scandalous.




Walk away.

Don’t worry about hurting the contractor’s feelings unless he sends you tens of thousands of dollars a year. Honestly, some of these contractors can act like we can’t survive in business without them. I had one threaten to quit using me and I only did two jobs for him in 8 years, lol