Shopping for pressure wash trailer


Got to the point where listening to @innocentbystander harping about getting a pro setup is too much and action is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

I am welcoming any and all comments as to where the best trailers are.

I need a small open top trailer with hot water unit at 3500psi and between 6-8gpm. Ready for two guys would be ideal.

The following is an idea of what I am wanting:


p.s. @squidskc your diy trailer build was massively inspiring


Believe it or not I was looking into the same exact rig. Innocentbystander did say it’s on the high side I kind of agree . Not sure what I’m going to do. Not doing anything this year so still in deep thought.


It is obvious the guys behind this unit put a lot of thought into it. It is compact, efficient and no nonsense.

I can’t spot any flaws.

So you have moved past the “should I get a truck or trailer mount” phase eh?


I’m still thinking about getting this trailer.


If you guys ever want to do a DIY build we van get you everything but the trailer and tank. That saves you quite a bit of money AND allows it to be specific to your needs.




Thanks man. Sorry I’m late to the party. I’ll make a note to keep you in the loop of the flatbed F250 build that’s happening as we speak if you’d like.


Also, if you need anything feel free to send a text or call 8163609733 or email me at or Morse code via sky lights.