Shoe Thread - 2018


In the market for new shoes as my beloved Onitsuka Tigers are just get wet too easily. I figured everyone could share what they are wearing nowadays.

Here’s what I would want in the perfect shoe:

  1. Light weight
  2. Water resistant (I would say water proof if not for #3)
  3. Breathable
  4. Excellent grip suitable for roofs, preferably flat tread like skater shoes

If you think of any other points that the perfect shoe should have, please share that as well.


been using sketchers mesh athletic shoes.

i have waterproof boots but is soo hot the boots are nice but i wanted something easy.

today was 115 and over 20% humidity i was glad shoes weren’t waterproof. i was pouring cold water on my feet an soaking em too stay cool.

waterpole work so was outside most of the day i didn’t drip when i went inside. socks were squishy tho lol

the most comfortable for me was redwings irish setter brand. waterproof tho.


For me it’s a breathable tennis shoe. Comfortable for being on your feet all day.

We dont walk roofs.

Sole doesn’t need to be as stiff as we do less ladderwork.


yea thats the worst part of my sneakers.

theyre soft and it’s annoying uaing a ladder.

thankfully i only use it to get on a low roof too fine water pole work that inaccessible from ground level.


I like my New Balance 608’s…



I always wore Keen. Sandles in summer and boots in winter.


keen are the boots i also have, just too hot in the summer.

originally got them to avoid wet feet, ended up wet anyway since they weren’t very breathable in our high temps


I like sketchers. But these might be nice




least you got great ankle support. just dont sport red laces


Dude :man_facepalming: Lol !!


I’ve been using Reebok nano’s these year and love them. Super lightweight and breathable. The flex is great. I don’t walk a ton of roofs but they haven’t betrayed me on the ones I have walked.


I’m hardcore (stupid, maybe)?
8" Wolverine Boots (not dyed-in-wool, thinking of Red Wing) all year, no matter what.


I wear my Army boots more than 90% of the time. I need ankle support and good traction as I’m frequently on lumpy ground.


These are sweet


Adidas Terrex Swift R gore tex shoes. I love these shoes for work. Another window cleaner told me about them. Don’t tell anyone. This is a secret.


I like wearing my trail running shoes for outside work. Comfortable, but great grip and stiffer than regular sneaker type shoes. Makes time on the ladder easier on the feet (I know, I should get a wfp !)

Edit: If you do wear a trail runner, be extra careful if you walk inside…the deeper tread is more apt to pick up dirt and debris from outside.


Ya , an who was that ? :thinking:


I wear Red Wing boots 95% of the time. They have a tough toe built in and are water resistant.
I use Altra Lone Peak on days when I’m not going to be up and down the ladder a ton or in bushy terrain- they are wide and have INCREDIBLE tread.


These are what I use. Lightweight, synthetic leather rather than mesh and lots o grip!