Selling Window and Blind Cleaning Business - Bend, OR


Selling established, profitable and fast growing Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning and Window Cleaning business. Only one of it’s kind in bustling Central Oregon.

We have a great brand, website and have been successful with 100% online advertising. If somebody wanted to blow this up, it would be incredibly easy. Can be run with 2-3 people no problem. In the winter, residential window cleaning dies, but holiday lighting and snow removal become key and just as profitable as window cleaning.

In the high season we operate with 2 employees, both part time and seasonal as well as a receptionist. Our clientele is 95% residential. Haven’t had time or interest in building a commercial clientele but could easily get several storefronts if we wanted to and keep another window cleaner busy.

Perfect for a husband and wife or father and son team, etc.


Services we provide:

Window Cleaning
Onsite Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning
Wood Blind Polishing
Solar Panel Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Blind Repair (great way to get in the door and sell window cleaning)
New Blind Sales

12 5-star Google reviews

650+ customer list with 300 emails.

3-10 new customers every day.

Currently grossing $18-22,000 per month during peak months (May-September), with the dead of winter providing around $3000-4000 per month.

Advertising budget is $1000-1200 per month during peak months with only Adwords and Facebook campaigns. Never sent out mailers or flyers. If you want to really ramp up production, just get a booth at our Spring Home and Garden Show and you will be busy all Summer. You will be the only blind and window cleaner there.

Will train and work with you until you are comfortable.

Our price point is on the high end for this area: $18 per blind/shade, $20-22 per wood blind, $5 per pane, $1.50 per track/screen.

Included in the sale is a 2006 Ford V10 U-Haul box truck - Valued at $12,000
8 foot $20,000 ultrasonic tank bolted to the floor of the box truck - Current value $10,000
2014 Nissan NV200 with less than 40,000 miles - Valued at $13,000

Vinyl on both vehicles.

Xero Pro 30 WFP with Unger 1 stage purifier
Several assorted window cleaning accessories


The Customer Factor, Responsibid and Mailchimp

If you have always wanted to get into ultrasonic blind cleaning, buying an existing business is the way to do it. We have gone through the growing pains of learning which shades/blinds to clean and not to clean and which ones to repair and not to repair. Year to date we have profited $10,000 from selling blinds and shades without advertising.

Asking $80,000. Will work out payment options if interested, but prefer no more than 2 equal payments over 2 years.

I am getting out of the business altogether, paying off my debt and getting into business with my father in law.

This is a really great opportunity to live in one the country’s most beautiful and fastest growing cities and own a successful service business.

Take over the market that we have put a lot of work into cornering and start making money immediately.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!