Selling resident. window/house cl. business OrangeCounty,CA


Hi all.

I’m about to move and would love to sell my small one person business to someone possibly with good reputation (I do great quality).
It is residential windows washing ($50-60/h), and (Eco) house cleaning service ($35/h) (-great for those slow winter months!).

Of course business phone number is included

If good price, old (in great condition) Tacoma 99 added for cheap. Or even Astro van I started using

Possibly 38’ Gardiner carbon WFP (only few times used) + EZ-Pure caddy (lightly used with 4 TDS measured) for good $

It is preferably for one person, like myself.

How much can one ask for such a business? I saw someone was selling business for yearly gross income?
How does that go about?
How do deal with telling clients? Send cards?

Any ideas/suggestions/help/info will be appreciated.

Thank you!

PM for offers etc private


Hello Pavel,

I can’t do PM for some reason. I’m interested in your SLX pole and my friend who is still in So Cal may be interested in the EZ Pure as he was going to buy a new unit soon anyway. I moved to Kentucky a few weeks ago, so I am not in the market for your accounts though. Please contact me at (859) 888-0848 if you’re interested in selling the pole and the RO unit separately. Thanks.


Following. Valuation of existing businesses is very interesting.
I suppose that a potential buyer would want to know the turnover rate for your clients and if the prices would need to be raised.


Isn’t a business that is majority residential harder to value without being able to lock down customers? You can’t sign customers to a biannual agreement for longer then the next clean right? Seems like the customer should rather choose their cleaner for themself like when they picked you. Your recommendation might carry a little weight but I don’t see more than 50% of customers sticking for the long haul. After all they bought you and your quality. Good luck.


I would sell it only to local buyer. Sorry I should mention


Thanks HBM, my prices had been updated 2 year ago. $5/ regular sized pane/panel/glass making $50/h is not that bad I’d think lol


Thanks Trenchfeet for your input.

I’ve started this business 8 years ago and I agree they like me and my quality. As I was growing I’ve tried helpers but came back to solo, quality of helpers wasn’t matching mine.

So how would someone price this kind of business? By few months income?

I’m not expecting to get it for full year’s gross income, as I saw someone was selling his business. That is little off to me

Thank you all for replying .)


I wish I didn’t have to move :roll_eyes:


What part of OC you in?
Newport,Irvine or a little farther south Mission Viejo are or San Clemente area?


You can shoot for the stars.

This is probably closer to reality and that’s if you have great records and financials to prove it.


Mainly Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach to Yorba Linda and very few south 5 FWY from Irvine


No worries. My friend who is interested in the EZ Pure lives in Garden Grove. He can buy the pole from you and ship it to me if you prefer to deal with someone in person.


I’ll think about it. I rather give it as good deal to buyer of whole business


I just have been offered price for 4-5 months of income, good price?

I’m thinking 4 months of income, and I’ll throw in Tacoma 99 (goes for 3.5k) in great condition for FREE. That seems fair no?


No worries. My friend went ahead and bought a new EZ Pure unit a few minutes ago. I am still interested in the SLX 39, but I will keep looking. Thanks anyway and hope the sales goes smoothly.



I saw it was on sale today. Good idea. And sorry Sean but selling business is higher priority right now. Thanks

btw I was looking at Tucker 21 carbon with extension, seems pretty good to me .) thinking about that one…but business 1st…


Hey Pavel, where you moving to, if you dont mind me asking.
Wishing you all best on your new journey buddy.


Hi Mateo .) thanks! moving to Sacramento area…got in Love with very special girl lol


Does anyone have any idea where to sell it? I was thinking local janitorial supply store, maybe call local window washers?

I got few offers in community but 4 months of income seems lot for everyone.


Up here in Northern California the going rate for a window cleaning route around here is 3 months income, but that is for storefronts that have well established relationships with many months of service. Residentail is a lot harder to price that high due to dealing with homeowners and they are never on a set schedule. Income changes, people move, people just dont think about it for their house as much and it is hard to introduce your new buyer to each homeowner or renter. With storefronts that have many years of service are easy to sell as it is routine income and businesses are set on a maintainence schedule. Also businesses are easier to go around for a couple weeks and introduce the new owner to your accounts.

If you are going to try and start a route in Sacramento, you will have your work cut out. I know 4-5 window cleaning companies out there and that market is very saturated up there.

Good luck on your sell and your new adventures!