Selling my 14yr old business in Portland, OR


Link to the BizBuySellad is here. Contact me if you’re interested. Thanks!


Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen those same pictures before?


You may have. I’ve posted this ad before.


Maybe a minimum registration tenure before selling?


No. I’m done with it. Time to move on.


It’s to expensive, that’s why you haven’t sold it. Looks like your basically buying tools for 65k

What the repeat rate?
How much new business is generated each month with passive marketing? Your highly ranked website?

I sold my business for 35k it was about the same revenues as yours what sold it was a website that would bring you 70k with out spending any money.

The purchaser was mainly buying a website from me


it reads as if you got in a rut and now want to offload. it may be worth you getting a pro copywriter to write the blurb make it sound more appealing. its only a little money well spent

out of interest why did you downsize from 4 employees? its a pity you did not sustain it long enuf for at least 1 employee to run the day to day -so that the biz provided for you right into your dotage


Not a rut so much as I just don’t want it anymore. I could continue if I wanted. As it says, I’ve been doing this for 14 years.

Thanks for the feedback.