Selling Cleaning Business


Cleaning company for sale in MA


good luck with the sell


Fyi, you said there is completion, not competition in the competition.


good eye . Thank you !


Not a problem, best of luck!


It’s a wonder your employees don’t want to own it. :thinking: Employee Owned

You could probably sell it straight to them. Especially if all ten got on board and pooled resources.


That was my first thought but two of them that have potential to do it got scare of the size of the business !
The person who will buy it must be brave , great communicator and able to manage 10-15 ppl during busy season !


Someone on ACk will buy it, just wait til the Chads come back in May.

15 years ago when I lived there, I would have taken it over in a heartbeat.


still company is for sale . private message me for more info