Selling business - all help appreciated


I’ve had moderate success with my window cleaning company, however, the first year I didn’t become profitable. I put up too much funds into the business from the start. I’ve got a job offer in the Houston area, so I will be moving from CA within the next 6 months. I would like to sell my business to someone locally(if possible). I have a van, supplies, a small customer list, website and more. I’ve invested over $20K to get started, but am open up to offers when it comes to selling. Please send me a pm if you would like more information or feel free to email me @



Some pics of Equipment and maybe a list and some info on the past years performance will give us a better idea on what you are selling and what you are looking for.

Sorry to see you not make it to the place you need but happy you were able to get a job and move secured. Goodluck


I’m not in California, but if I was, I would want to know to the penny how much you did in gross sales, what percentage was commercial, what percentage was residential, etc. From that $20k you invested, how much went to the van, website, and supplies? How much went to marketing?


I’m a small time guy. The van cost me $6500. The website cost me $3000. I have an Unger WFP, screen cleaner, etc. I will def give a detailed list to a prospective buyer. Will I’m not desperate to sell in a hurry, my wife keeps nagging me. I did 90% residential; I had one commercial account which I could no longer commit to due to time restraints. We just had our third baby. So were real busy with him right now.


I was impressed with the thoroughness of the outfitting of your van as shown in your original pics last spring. I think that could be a good selling point for what looked like a turnkey operation without very much wear and tear.

Edit: I took a look at your site and I like the gold font and the logo.


where in cali are you?


Sorry to hear that the window biz didn’t work out for you.

P.S. My wife likes the kitty cat on your website.


I’m in Bakersfield CA.


If you do any work in the Santa Clarita area, call me. Could be interested.



I’m in the Bakersfield area. I’ve been in business for less than a year. I’m looking to sell as the complete company, rather than some just buy my supplies. I spent a lot for the custom website and such. This would be ideal for a guy who has been working for another window company who knows the ins and outs of the business, or someone who’s a “bucket Bob” who wants to actually be licensed. Are you still interested?


If it’s strictly Bakersfield than I wouldn’t be. I know some guys will come down to the Santa Clarita area as well and I’m trying to beef up that area.


Sent you a pm