Second story window charges?


I’ve read several old posts on here in which the posters say that they don’t charge more for second floor outside windows. I’m having a difficult time understanding this.

A ground level window on average might take two minutes to do from start to finish.

With a second story window I run into three potential actions:

  1. Ladder work: I have to climb a ladder to remove the screen and clean the window, climb down, clean the screen, climb back up to put the screen back. With some homes I have to climb onto the roof to clean some of the windows. All of this takes extra time and more importantly adds danger to cleaning the windows. My thought is that the extra time added to the possibility of falling and becoming permanently disabled or falling to my death necessitates charging much more for those windows.

  2. If I’m lucky I can leave the ladder on my vehicle and get out my WFP set up to clean the high outside windows. The set up takes time. Added time I don’t have to spend if the window(s) are ground level. I want to be paid for the extra time spent with set up.

  3. Most two story homes require ladder work and WFP work. Extra, extra time.

Can anyone explain why I might want to charge the same price for a second story window, vs a ground level window?



In my experience and opinion, I mostly deal with 2 story houses. So I’ve based my prices off of that time frame. So any house that is single story already cost very little, are usually small, and owned by seniors that deserve 10% off…

So basically you factor it into your total price just like all other factors, gallon of gas, 1-2 rubbers, steel wool/scrub daddy, booties, 2-4 caps of soap… etc etc…

Hope this helps.


Yes, that stuff takes time (extra). You either need to raise your window price overall to cover the average, or charge a “factor” like @Garry has posted here over and over. Garry’s system is a good one.

As far as the WFP, even though you may have set up time, you should be saving ALOT of time not setting and moving ladders. It also takes the danger element out of it too.

So no, I can’t just give a reason why first floor and second floor should be the same price.