Search Problems


For the past 5 years, we have enjoyed the best search available. Google CSE ( custom script by google ) that was very affordable and robust. The search was so good when we released it forum participation dropped by 50% instantly because it was just so good. ( people found what they needed instantly )

This time last year Google gave us the 1 years heads up that they were discontinuing the product in April 2018. We’ve spent the past year experimenting with all sorts of different replacement and for the most part, they all failed. To replace the Quality of Google CSE we were looking at a 10k monthly expense. Between the community, store & main site there are over 1 Million indexable URLS.

So with 10k clearly out of our budget, we basically built our own that we think will be a good replacement. Currently, its mostly done but not quite there yet. It will get better over time as people use it and we see what kind of things people will search for etc… It will take about 1k per month to operate the search feature so we want to work out all the kinks as fast as possible.

We have deployed it here last night for testing:

Please note we have not pushed it to the community here yet until we work out the kinks. If anyone has some time and wants to help us test it go here:

You could report any thoughts, findings or comments in this thread if you’re inclined. I know it’s not perfect yet and not good as our old Google version yet… But any feedback from you guys will help us improve it quicker. :slight_smile:

Once its perfect we will clean up the look of it and deploy across all our platforms.

thanks for any feedback.


It seems that the date is listing today’s date rather than the date of the result.

Pretty smooth otherwise so far.


Well done in taking on in house development. Not easy at all. It looks good from what I can see so far. Nice graphical interface too.


Thanks guys



Just letting you know search is down, in both store and forum.


thanks for the heads up

The store search is functioning. The community and the main site area search will return tommorow.


It requests a ‘searchblox’ login for some reason


Same issues with search sign in. Do I need to create one? I tried my WCR info but no success.


Search will be back tommorow- we are rolling out our new search solution that we have been working on the past 6 months. It’s been a massive undertaking that took a lot longer than we thought. But it’s looking good.