I just improv, and be friendly. Everyone’s different.

If I were to hire someone to knock on doors, or talk to storefront owners, I would have them watch the program for a week or so, while having them wet, or even squeegee for a bit to get a feel for it before they try selling something they have no clue about. My marketing brain would say to hire your local super-extrovert university recent graduate lady to hit homes, and a hard-seller jock type for storefronts and keep it on commission. I’ve already done a little of that, and see where it works and doesn’t.


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Prescriptions…oh I am all over those :slight_smile:

who has what exactly?


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calling some others could give you a start but you need to think of it from the customer side as well as your company side.
the goal is too make things easy for both.
my script for job arrival at sue’s house, i’ve never done it before…
good morning are you sue?
i’m ken i’m here to do your windows
so today we’re doing all the outside windows and frames, the inside windows, i’ll wipe down the screens and i’ll open the windows and wipe out the inside track. but we haven’t included the inside of the basement windows. sound right?
ok i’m going to start outside and then is it ok if i just come in and out as i need?

that’s everything i need from the customer and she knows exactly what im going to do. i don’t usually confirm the price but that could easily be done.
i personal comment is easy to add in at the beginning if you want but it’s not needed.

whatever stage you’re at with the customer you need to identify what both sides want and need and develop a script to get there and as mentioned sometimes you need alternatives depending on the customer response.


Man I’m going grave digging, but this is really good!

Thank you everyone for the input!


One small suggestion a Carpet Cleaning guy taught me years ago that he required of his people to do was simply remove your sunglasses when you introduce yourself. I adopted that too. Obviously that is not the script but is an added bonus to respect and manners in my opinion.


Obviously I didn’t remove mine for my forum picture ! Hey I need to walk the talk !


Your smile makes up for whatever having the shades on takes away! :slight_smile: