How much would you pay for Unger scrim?

Is it worth this much or should I stick to microfiber?


You should stick to hucks.


But em, Lots of em.


LOL, your complaining about 5 pounds I pay over $20 per scrim and would not dream not not having them… providing you use them correctly.


That looks different from the Unger scrim towels I bought a year ago.

I will say I like mine a lot. They rinse clean with a hose and dry quickly enough that I never use more than 2 towels a day in rotation.


I wasn’t complaining…Maybe you should :slight_smile:


Thats a good price in the UK Steve.

Here in the US we are not so lucky. They are a tad expensive here -


Kind of surprised nobody in the US hasn’t sourced this type of linen/ cloth and produced them for the NA market. Has anyone ever just gone to a fabric store to look for anything comparable? Maybe there is more to it than I realize.


There just isn’t the market for this niche window cleaning gear like people think. After sourcing the linen in bulk, then having it cut, hemmed, packaged, marketed, shipped… all that junk… The end product will be more expensive than anyone would pay.


UK price still seems high but I guess it is supply and demand. Lots of window cleaners use it here but the sales are still small fry as we are smaller than one US state :frowning: . Maybe Unger should ship the UK product to the states then. I can send you some if not. The prewashed is good. You have to boil the standard stuff to get the oils out first.


Unger US dropped them, most likely not worth them stocking it. Unger UK will no longer sell direct to US companies… We have to use the old work around, sucks but is what it is.


That’s only $5.30ish… Id pay that. But what’s shipping to the U.S. gonna cost? That being said you probably shouldn’t post links to other stores on this forum. The big dogs already responded and didn’t say that because they’re cool but its still disrespectful. Maybe I’m wrong but if I were you I’d delete my link. They’re running a business just like you.


I don’t have a supplies business. WindowCleaningWarehouse is the company who supplied Trad-Man with his Unger Hydropower and NLite alu pole. Trad-Man says so on the video published on this site. He supplies videos for this site by agreement.
If there was a problem, I expect WCR and Trad-Man would have dealt with it.
I have bought from WCW for a while. As you say shipping, import tax, profit margins all have to be factored in. WCR have already commented on this. The issue is with Unger Europe and Unger USA.
My post was more to do with the cost of scrim vs microfibre, towels etc in any market.
The link has gone now as I hate upsetting fellow tradesmen.


Scrims are 4 times the size of a regular huck or microfiber and their construction makes then far more lasting than either, at the end of the day if you know how to use a scrim you would not substitute it for anything, most of the time I find when people have a problem with scrim is when they are using it to wipe up the slop instead of a detail towel.
Hucks are cheap and are perfect for frames, tracks and wiping up that slop (excess water) as for microfiber you have to get the right ones, don’t get me wrong I use microfiber but generally only when cleaning louvers and I always use the scrim as the final “buffing” if you like. I could just leave them after the microfiber but I would prefer to leave perfect glass in any sunlight conditions where the microfiber leaves them looking fine, until you get direct sunlight shining at the right angle.


A well reasoned and helpful reponse indeed. Thankyou.


You didnt upset me whatsoever and I’m sure you’re intentions were nothing but good. I was just stating my opinion. This forum and has been one of the the most posative factors in the growth of my business and I like to support the creators as much as possible.


I used them for 4 years in Ireland. They were nice to have but glad to have hucks again. In fact, I used to take hucks back with me when I came home for a visit. The scrim was ok because it dried quicker when washed, but I find they are bulky and expensive. I dropped them in a heartbeat when I returned. I still have a couple that I use in my garage to clean stuff, but that’s about it.

To each his own I guess.


All good. :slight_smile:


Steve i get a pack of 10 scrims for €50 here in ireland.Im a bit confused why you re boiling the unwashed ones??If you put them through a regular wash in your washing machine they are fine to use from their on out.


Washing machine works also. Boiling is the old way with completely raw scrim. Now Unger and others sell pre-washed so not really an issue.