Screens breaking what would you do?


Hey guys, so there is this house that has about 20 screens. All the screens are pella screens. The windows have two pins at the top the screen sits on to and than at the bottom there are two plastic clips ( one on each side) that are attached to the screen and clip inside on the window frame. The clips are about 3-4 inches long. However every clip is old and cracked from the sun and elements and once you grab it to un-hook it or re-attach it they break. So how do you explain this to your customer? How do you tell I can’t remove your screens or clean your windows because I’ll run the risk of breaking all of them? How would you handle this ? I researched the clips you can’t buy them separately they are attached to the frame from the factory so I would be replacing all of her screens.


Show them the deteriorated condition of the screens and ask them how they would like you to proceed. If they don’t open their windows, then the screens are just dirt magnets and serve no other purpose. If they do open the windows and therefore use them, and the screens are Pella proprietary, then suggest that they contact the manufacturer for replacements. Explain that removing them will damage them since they are in such fragile condition since they have reached their life span.


Great information, my apologies they aren’t pella they are Malta. If you google Malta plastic screen clips you will see how crappy they are.


And if you can make new screens you could always suggest they get new ones made by you :wink:


Oh, thought you were saying Pella screens which I believe are proprietary. Just offer to build new screens or re-screen as needed. Good up sell.