Screens and pricing


Same material?

I replace the fiberglass screen and spline.

Sometimes the corners need replacing. Sometimes the frame rails need replacing which is a different price of course because I have to cut the rails to fit and screen the new frame.


Small screens are easy. Do yourself a favor and tag the edge of each one for which window it came out of. Most likely they are all interchangeable, but if not then you are chasing the origin of 60 screens!

Small ones like that might seem a bit high at $20/$25? But if you can get it do it!

You may be able to do it on site, or bring them back in a few days and reinstall. If it is your first time doing screens it might be best to not advertise that your first 2 or 3 are trial and error. :wink: (Never let them see you sweat.)

I imagine they are removable from the inside so only issue is ability to get them in without dropping one on somebody below.


If you drop them flat they’ll float down with no damage. If you throw them out ninja style they’ll get jacked up.


…on a good day. :wink:


yeah but it will look really cool when you’re doing it… lol jk…


Does that price include material? How much do you think the material would be for a job this size


Thanks for those tips! Do you ever run into broken screen frames on old windows like this? Is it easy to get matching parts?


Yeah, I’d pitch $25 which includes material, each screen will take a few minutes and you can do it on a weekend. Super easy job. You don’t even really need a jig for that small a screen.

Figure out what you want to charge.

My price is based on the fact that most homeowners don’t want to remove the dirty screens, load then into their acura, drive across town, drop the screens off, and then a week later go back across town to pick up the screens.


YOU drive out, YOU remove them, YOU haul them in your truck, YOU fix them, and YOU return them and YOU install them.

You put it like that, then $25 is a steal.


Those are bronze frames, pretty standard. But I doubt that any are bent, you might have to replace a couple of corners, but again, super easy.


Sometimes, but mostly the only need is to replace the screen mesh and spline.

Screens are rather standard, so easy to find comparable frame material at Home Depot or Lowes. Other material can be found at an aluminum and screen supply. There is one about 20 miles from me if I need to locate hard to find parts. Price goes up for that though.


it helps to give it a little bit of spin so the air doesn’t turn the screen on it’s side and it drops like a rock


care to share how you build your screen table?


It’s just 4’x4’ and stands just tall enough for me to get the little giant under it. Just basic 2x4 frame.

Then screw the home depot jig down.

I wouldn’t make it too tall because this allows me to throw another ladder on top of it if I need.


and the carpet is to not possibly scratch the screens?


This is the great thing about screen replacement, you can offer the standard crap that got them in the boat that they are currently in with torn screens, or you could up sell the pet mesh or the aluminum mesh for replacement.

At least you guys don’t have screens that are riveted in place where you have to re string while they are hung…


It not going to scratch the screen it can scratch the frame though… :grin:


Thats what I ment. Thanks for the correction kind sir!