Screens and pricing



How do you correctly price screens? I priced 3 for $90.
However the cost for that much fiberglass is around $30. Should I also add the cost of materials?


Dang, buy your fiberglass somewhere else. Unless these are just huge screens.

Homedepot has like 100’ of 3’ screen for like 50 bucks or something.

I usually price rescreening at 25 and a rebuild at 35. I’ve got a local shop that sells 12’ frame sticks for like 9-10 bucks. Corners are like 35 cents, pull tabs like 15 cents. My rebuild should probably be closer to 40-50.


How’s that working out for you? A lot of homes in my local cookie cutter neighborhoods have screens in dire need of replacement/repair and I can see myself filling that niche


Dude, depending on where you are, like here in the southwest, I could easily see someone doing ONLY screens.

But as an add-on it’s about $100-125 per hour depending on what needs to be done.

Here’s my table, I just roll it out, hang it on the tailgate and get to work.


I love rescreening. I sell screening at almost every residential job. It’s a great add on and by the time you add on rescreening that amounts to another residential window job. Usually my clients will have the entire house rescreened.


Do you replace with the exact type of screen? I would think we would right?

These sound like dumb questions but I’ve never done this before.


Well I haven’t done the job yet. However it’s working out ok.


Nice and quick setup Jared.


HD has the screens for cheap, like Jared stated.


Yeah, and for a rescreening, I usually use their old spline unless they have the wrong size. I’ll also replace the corners only if they need it.


…There are two companies here, Screen Mobile and Mobile Screen Repair that do nothing but screens. One guy has closed trailer which is his shop and the other guy uses an open trailer.


Do it! Its a great add on, it works out to about $100 pmh. setup cost is very low. Super easy up sell.

HD has every thing you need to get rolling.

Hit me up if you got any question Samuel.


Yup, you can order the jig from home depot.


yup got one.

Here’s the link if anyone needs it.

here a video from @Beautiful_View


How big were those three screens?

I add on screen repair (mesh replacement), depending on size for $10, $20, and $35 for screen doors. Be aware that solely doing a “Rescreening Service” would probably require you to focus on a different pricing structure?

NOTE: I stated an ADD ON SERVICE, which means in addition to what ever other service they are buying.

If the corners are brittle then the frames are usually corroded and soon to be shot too - I live on a peninsula with salt water on all sides, so new screens and frames last about 5(?) - 7 years depending on exposure and frequency of cleaning.

Generally speaking for pricing you should run it about 2.5 times cost. So lets say it costs you $4.66 to buy material (3’ x 3’ mesh from a 25’ roll $1.80, 12’ of spline from a 100’ roll 96¢, 4 plastic corners $1.90 = $4.66 ), then you should sell it for $11.65. (Just a sample formula, you have to pay tax on that too! Just focus on a formula for now). Have a minimum for your business too.

If the cost for one or two screens comes out to like $4 - $5, is $10 or $12 worth it to you? Set a minimum to build or re-mesh one screen. Time is money and you have dreams to chase! If the customer has 15 screens that need to be redone, then your minimum covers your time and cost to stay in business. Profit is not a hobby.


Do your replace with the same material?


I have a building that just asked me if I could replace all the screens on there little square windows. Never done it before but wondering if this would be a good opportunity to break into it. They look pretty old. I have no clue what to price for it. It’s about 60 screens


HD and other suppliers carry the screen you need. As long as you get the same color that on the other screens on the home.


Sure do it. There are easier jobs to start with but hey it a starting point.


Small screens are super easy. Still charge 20-25 per since you’re saving them the time it would take for them to drive the screens to a screen shop.