Screen repair supplies to carry


Hello everyone. I want to start doing screen repair. I’ve looked st enough videos I know I can do it. I’ve read enough posts I think I have a good idea how to price it.

My question is: What kind of “standard” screen materials do you keep with you?

Are there more common screen materials/ colors/ parts that are good to have on hand or do you run to HD for each job. Being as time is tight and it’s be nice to just repair screens on site and not have to repair them off site and bring back. But I don’t see how to do that without carrying a bunch of inventory around.

What advice do you all have?


I mainly just carry the “software” as in the spine, mesh and lifting tabs which are 99% of the parts I need to rescreen a screen of which the frame is in tact.

Any parts of frame or corner pieces I purchase as required as they are never a standard colour.


I carry the same. Screen repair is a GREAT add on service.


When booking the job, either in person or over the phone, find out if any screens need to be repaired.

  • A roll or two (25 ’ or more) of screen (3’ wide for most windows, 4’ wide for screen doors)
  • 100’ roll of spline (Usually .140 size)
  • Roller tool
    Frame rebuilds aren’t that hard to do. If the whole thing needs to be replaced then doing it off site and returning with a new screen works well. If your vehicle setup allows you to keep frame material and miter box with saw, then you could do it on site. I usually have no issue with building a screen and returning in a few days as I likely am cleaning others in the neighborhood or near by that week.


If you’re in an area like me where 80% of the screens are a specific color then you can carry:

  1. 50-100 corners of that color - 20 of the other two common colors.
  2. Ditto 1 for pull tabs
  3. Spline of a specific width - but I always try to reuse their spline if it’s in good condition
  4. 100’ of 3’ screen and 100’ of 4’ screen
  5. MAYBE some frame material but it’s not something you can really stock up on unless you’re doing a ton of rebuilds. Get some pvc pipe to store them in.
  6. Hacksaw and blades
  7. Razor
  8. The little picker set from harbor freight.
  9. Build yourself a nice table to work from.