Screen Removing Extension Pole


Can someone please make a screen removing extension pole? You would make millions, to be sure.


The problem is most screens attach on the inside


Depends on state of origin. 98% our here are exterior pull outs.


Yeah I’ve given it some thought


Same here. Pull in screens are very rare here


Even if we’re only doing an outside only clean I always let the customer know before we arrive that we will need inside access to remove and replace their screens.


How about a mechanical wondow cleaning robot.
That has a power washing transfer switch.


Hate Screens especially the heavy sun screens. In Arizona we run the AC nearly year round. I always suggest customers remove screens to improve view and they can leave a couple in for cross breeze in Fall/Spring.


I tend to put screens back in backwards with the clips facing out. On the first floor this makes it real easy to remove, clean, and put back. Theoretically it should also be easy then to develop a tool for the pole that could remove second story screens that were put back in backwards with the clips facing out. What say Jared?



There are far too many different style clips & plungers on different screens to ever make a useable screen removal tool that could work from a pole. Andersen screens cannot be installed backwards, for instance.

I think the only viable option would be converting the screens to be secured with magnets. This would probably be an involved conversion, though, as you would need to modify the screen and the window frame.

But once the screen is only held in with magnets, there could be a little loop-shaped pull tab at the top of the screen, that your pole attachment could fit into to pull the screen from the frame and safely lower it to the ground.