Screen deposit remover?


Hello all, long time window cleaner in the Louisville area. I’ve been using BioClean deposit remover for years with limited success, wanted to find out what others use to get aluminum screen deposits off without resorting to acids such as CLR.


Steel or bronze wool will take it off… eventually :roll_eyes:

I usually use Sodium Hydroxide, in the form of 5-minute oven cleaner. Super quick and effective. Nasty stuff, though. Use PPE and flush with plenty of water when done to protect paint and other surfaces.


I’ve hear you can use 0000 steel wool, never tried it. Possible to just spray some Eazy Off on a towel?


My “ultimate” blend has been 5% sodium metasilicate, an opitical grade microcrystalline silica, and 0000 steel wool. I like to stay away from sodium hydroxide but when I need to use it instead of sodium metasilicate I will adjust my concentration by buying the 100% dry crystals as a drain cleaner from a Lowes or Home Depot. Then only adding the very least. Too much will heat your water right up real fast. VERY dangerous stuff. Lately I have been looking for an opportunity to use one of my SRC pads with a 5% solution of sodium metasilicate. Or just the pad by itself with pure water. That would be the best. No chems at all. Just water!



BioClean is partly silica flour, I wonder if that could be used with the steel wool.