Scratch waiver yay or nay


I miss the good ol days when the six inch scraper was king.


This episode of The Window Cleaning Podcast is worth a listen. Scratched Glass??

They started the podcast Dec 2016
Sounds like they’re in Ireland


If you clean windows long enough you are going to run into bad glass and scratch it. A waiver is for your protection. I talk to window cleaners everyday and it happens more than you think.


Well those times are over Grandpa Glass. get with the times… JK my friend


@JWilliams: Haha! I am with the times. :sunglasses:
Did you listen to the pod cast yet?


No sir I haven’t. But I definitely plan on it. Is this your podcast? Nevermind apparently I cant read. Been working nights at my fulltime job. sorry haha


No these guys are much smarter than me. Haha
It’s a first class podcast for window cleaners, they’re from Ireland. Just discovered it. Lots of great content. Theyre shooting for one episode a week.


I will definitely have to check that out. Being a new guy I always want and willing to learn… Hopefully I didn’t offend you by calling you Grandpa Glass…


Y[quote=“JWilliams, post:28, topic:42768”]
Hopefully I didn’t offend you by calling you Grandpa Glass…

Did you see the Vietnam war movie We Were Soldiers with Mel Gibson and Sam Elliot? If so I’ll have to kill you for calling me grandpa. :sunglasses:



I have $3,000 in CCC coverage. You can only purchase up to $10,000 with my agency… It doesn’t seem like enough


Yes for scratch waiver…CYA


What’s CCC?


Care Custody and Control. If you scratch a window, your insurance will not cover it unless you have CCC coverage. If you throw a ladder through a window, then you’re covered.

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