Scratch waiver yay or nay


Does any else require a scratch waiver to be signed before having to scrape windows?


Naw, you don’t need one if you’ve got the money to replace all the windows you scratch. Oh and insurance won’t cover it unless you’ve got CCC.


Not sure if a scratched glass waiver will hold up in court every time. I know upholstery cleaning waivers for sofas that may bleed do not hold up in court.

If the manufacturer says dry clean only a you ignore the instructions and wet clean it you are 100% liable if the dies run.

If the glass manufacturers say DO NOT USE A SCAPER and we ignore their instructions we should be 100% liable. Conning a customer “victim” into signing a waiver absolving you of all blame when you deliberately ignored the manufacturers instructions not to use a scraper seems wrong. We are supposed to use another method. I can Understand why a judge would throw the waiver out.

:sunglasses:Playing the devils advocate here :sunglasses:

They’ve got us between a rock and a hard place because we really don’t have an alternative method that yields perfect results every time like wool and razors do.

Wooling and scrapping itchy glass is VERY RISKY BUSINESS cleaner be ware.


That’s why my waiver basically says “we’re going to use razors, we’re not responsible for scratches, and even if we scratch your glass, we’re not responsible.”

Oh, that and I’m perfectly happy to walk away from a job where they don’t want to sign the waiver. There’s too much glass out there to waste my time.


But you are responsible because you deliberately ignored manufacturers directions.

My carpet cleaning friend stopped wet cleaning dry clean only furniture because the judge ruled in the victims favor every time. Filthy furniture won’t come clean if you dry clean it. It has to be wet cleaned to yield acceptable results. So he walks away.

Jared: “You’re a professional you should know better than to scrape tempered and high performance glass with a razor.”

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I always walk away. Sometimes I refer the job to a competitor. wink wink




… This is an excellent point… I have never used a waiver but it seems that to not
be conning a customer the waiver would have to explain that scraping goes against
manufacturers instructions and that the customer is agreeing to allow me to scrape


Word the waiver so that it informs the customer that by requiring you to remove paint, stucco, and other contaminants from the glass - which requires razors and steel wool - then there is the risk of scratches. If customer is okay with that risk, then _sign here.


But the manufacturers require us to use the alternative methods that are safe! As professionals we should follow the guide lines set forth in ALL the G.A.N.A. publications. The entire glass industry knows that high performance glass should NEVER be scrapped with a razor.

:sunglasses:Devils Advocate​:sunglasses:


According to the glass industry this is not true.


Be gone debbel!

Yeah, the manufacturers warn that anything and everything voids their warranty and gana sucks. Life’s too short to not take risks. It’s why I never eject a usb drive before yanking it out.

My basic position is this could result in scratches, how bad do you want that stuff taken off? It will void your warranty, it could kill your cat, it might cause blindness, and if it lasts longer than 4 hours, see a doctor. Sign here if you’ll accept breakages.


You’re a funny guy!

They do suck don’t they?


Yes indeed. Hey lets not make a better product, let’s just blame anyone who attempts to interact with our product.

Microsoft says “Hey, Windows is completely unhackable. Just don’t hook it up to the internet. If you do, then it’s your fault.”

Dodge says “Hey, our vehicles will never break down. Just don’t drive them. If you do, then it’s your fault.”

Gana says “Hey, our glass doesn’t get scratched. Just don’t clean it. If you do, then it’s your fault.”



Anyone care to share their scratch waver? Just curious


@IronLionZion start here.

Dan Fields company is real knowledgeable on CCU. You can download the pdf version of his waivers and build off it yourself with your attorney. Here’s a link.

I’ll email you a copy of mine when I get a moment.


After today. I’m on that. It was a “I need you now, here’s my money day” had to do a CCU job that fell in my lap at 730. Just finishing. No blades just wool and elbow grease. Last cleaner walked on em yesterday. They are real happy. Gonna keep me on deck in the future. Slammin day…


booooom. another day another dollar… dolla dolla bill yall!


Dolla make ya holla!