Scratch Removal Car Window




I didn’t know you could use those machines on car windows/polyglass. I also thought that being curved you would have flattened it?
Great video - where were your safety glasses Bill?!?!


Eye protection?

Have you (or has anyone) used the Surface Wizard™ on plastic material?


I have used it on a Plexiglas storm door. It worked like a charm. I was actually blown away with the results. It looked better than new.

When you get the kit you get a series of slurry’s that are specifically meant for plastics.


If anyone would like a disk from SRP showcasing all of the products just send me your address and I’ll get one to you asap.


The SRP machine has a vacuum sealed shroud that works wonders on curved glass. It was actaully designed for car windows. Before the window cleaning industry got hold of it of course.


I see Novus (SRP) service vans (mobile windshield repair) often in NorCal.


Thats them


You do need to add a small spacer to the shroud so the o-ring sticks out a little for curved glass. my safety glasses were fogging up so I took them off. or at least that’s my excuses.:wink: