Is there a certain reason why you guys buy the window cleaning scrapers as opposed to the one that you buy from the hardware store? Close to $15 of savings. I know some of the hardware store scrapers can rust but other than that is there a point?

Forgot to add, $15 isn’t that big in savings but I’m running on a strict budget right now.


I have never seen anything larger than a 4" at the store. I used those when I started. As I see it the problem is with scraping large panes of glass the extra 2" you get with a professional model like the Triumph makes a difference in the time it takes to blade a window. The professional ones are easier to hold and more ergonomic and you can get stainless blades that won’t rust. All around a better tool for the money.


Thanks for the input. I may just go with a cheap one instead of professional right now. Money is pretty tight. Haven’t started yet but when I do it’s not a career for me. Just a college kid trying to make some extra money. Therefore I won’t need to bang out the windows as fast as possible. May look into getting a better one after I have done a few storefronts and have some extra cash


Why do you need a scraper? If it’s for tape then the hardware store ones are fine. If it’s for construction clean up and you’ve got insurance and you’ve got a waiver and you know about FD and you’re ready to go big with risk then get a 6" ninja. The triumph suck but the ninja and unger razors are excellent.

I never carried a razor on route. Had one in the truck but for the most part didn’t need one day to day.


Just thought I’d have one just in case for storefronts. What do you mean by FD? Responding to this had made me realize I probably won’t need one so if I get one it definitely will be a cheapo


How so?


I used to use them all the time. But they won’t sit flat on the glass and what the hick I just opened these stainless steel blades and they’re already starting to rust.

The ninja just feels so good in the hand. Nice and solid. And the Unger blades stay clean. Even when you use them hard and put them away wet, they don’t rust. Just makes your day happy.


Get a ninja 4". I lost my ninja and picked up a Blue Hawk at Lowes. Night and day. Get Stainless Steel blades so they dont rust. You will buy once and you will be happy. You’ll end up slending more going the cheap route.


I agree. the old triumphs where great but I bought a dozen new ones and every single one wont sit straight on the glass the blades bows. I use the unger ninja now.


We get so stuck in out ways it’s so funny. I alwasy live trying new tools , but certain tools I’m just stuck in my ways.
The Garlick sticks are one. The Triumph blade is another. I love the Ninaj handle though, An been meaning to buy a Ninja blade I just keep forgetting. It’s that old thing ya know once you hit 40 you start losing your eye sight 50 you start forgetting shit.
Any way I see what you guys are saying about the Truumoh blade gonna tie a string around my finger , so I remember. :joy::exploding_head:


I have about 50 stainless blades left for the Triumph scraper. My eye is on the ninja for some time in the next century when all my blades are spent.


Dude. No matter how good the new cassette smells, there are better ways of listening to music these days. I don’t care if your cassette player has auto reverse, Dolby b AND Dolby c.

Try the ninja and you’ll be like “damn.” And I’ll be like “I know.” And you’ll be like “dude.” And I’ll be like “totally.”

Even if you have one of these:


I have this same problem with the Unger 6 inch.
I just use the 1 inch judiciously now.


TDK all the way !!

When it comes to my music :musical_note: I don’t play. Bose all the way

@Samuel what the blades aren’t compatible?


I hate this thread!


For which reason?


A few years back I had a reasonably large collection of albums on cassettes. Same reason. :slightly_smiling_face: haha

Sometimes the best place to stow the gear we are currently using is in the nearest dumpster.


I dunno now you have me second guessing myself.
I always assumed that they would be proprietary in Triumph’s case especially.


Been using Triumph for over a decade. Used one for 6 hours at a lake house yesterday with multiple large windows and I don’t have either of those problems. I always attributed the not sitting flat on the glass to the window being concave or convex because it will happen on some windows and not on others, even in the same day.

I like the Triumph, they work well for me and my guys and I never have rusting blades because they get tossed after each use. I would try the Ninja but if it ain’t broke and all that…