Scour Power


Hey Whatapane,
I have used the knuckler with the bronze pad. I like it, it works good. However, lately I’ve been using the white pads more and I prefer it to the knuckler. Reason being that the knuckler sheds fibers onto the window. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I use the white pad now in most cases rather than scraping


That’s great Larry. Glad it helped you. The other great part is those pads last a while so it will save cost on blades :slight_smile: Other than the lose fibers on the glass, how did you like the bronze wool pad for the knuckler? Did it cu through the dirt better than the white pad? Does it last as long as the white pad or more like actual steel wool?


It did seem to cut the scum a little quicker than the white pad. It lasts longer than regular steel wool, but not as long as the white pads. And you’re right, should cut down on the blade usage quite a bit


very good information. from what i gather…HF has more of a tendency to etch glass than HCI alone. Fluoride is so corrosive that it can even etch glass which is an extremely inert substance. futher… great talking point about difference between restoration as opposed to cleaning.