School quote


Hey guys I just need help with quoting these windows. The exterior height is 39 ft and the inside height from the stairs is 20 ft. The water tds is 49. They only want the tall tower windows cleaned. Based on my residential quote formula I have a price of about 350. Of course these windows have not been cleaned in at least 10 years based on what the principle told me.

Also they are interested in having the other higher up windows cleaned. Let me know what you think.


Depends on your region but for me I can not get residential prices for mid rise. But normally you have a higher count on midrise. It is competitive here for mid-rise.


So you would do it for less than 350$? I’m wanting to ask 550 or so for this job. I just don’t want to be ridiculous high. But in my area competition is pretty low.


I got 2 school districts this year. one has 12 buildings the other has 3 this year and hopefully a couple more next year. I asked straight up, what was their budget. From there I told them what I would / could do for the amount.

Hopefully that helps.


If you need help on this job, contact me


Thank you!