Scented Dish Soap


Is there a difference between scented soap and regular dawn dish soap?


One smells different than the other


I just like the one with the baby seal on it. The baby seal blubber glides better than the other animals.


Lmao, I probably should of asked the question differently. I’m wondering if it affects the glide on the window…because I don’t see much people switch it up I usually see the blue original dawn dish soap.


Glide? I don’t think so. They do taste different.


Scented soaps. This is an old topic that I addressed some time ago. I don’t think there is any difference in glide. If so it would be very difficult to determine. The formula is the same. I have tested soaps of every imaginable scent from apple to lilac. Even came up with a cute name for such a product. They had awesome glide. But the big problem was filming. It could never be tolerated.



Whatever the dawn new Zealand springs or whatever it’s called is smells amazing


Be careful, a few customers over the years claim they are allergic to scents, I just stick with regular Dawn even though it is heavily scented anyway.