Samurai Bucket On A Belt Review


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Are you carrying on you 3-4 squeegees each day?


Cant see any situation where that is needed.

With no response I’ll assume you dont, seems way overkill.


Maybe tag Luke to this thread. That’s his review video but he didn’t create this thread. Probably doesn’t realize you’re asking him questions.




Most store jobs as re quick, I guess I do t see the need to carry that many tools.

Get better at working one too is my thought.

Rubber styles are different too, so you carry multiple sizes and lengths on the job too.


I agree with bubble guy here.
I was able to get my business rolling by stocking up on store front cleaning. Although prior I had only cleaned residentials for the company I worked for, I figured how different can this be…

It is a way different beast. I usually carry 3 Squeegee on my store front, all ninjas currently -30”, 22” 10” sometimes I’ll swap out my 10” for a 4”.

The problem with store fronts is when you go down a chain of different stores, you have different pane sizes. Unless it’s cookie cutters of course, even then, if I goof I would rather pull out my 10” and not my 22 or 30.

It’s a process you get used to just by being in it, almost a form of evolution. Evolution doesn’t mean you’re better than others, it means you’ve evolved around your circumstances to survive.


Even though storefronts are not my primary service, I still do around a $100,000 a year in this type of accounts. So I do have a good handle on the type of work.

The You Tube guys always over squeegee and dont use most of their tools with the most efficient technique which is less passed or swiped. Very commonly are over squeegering


I do, (actually working on that).
But Luke and Reanna do not.

Btw, you also are a youtube guy, having a channel yourself, no?


I know you put a lot of stock in your opinions, so let me help you with your investment. If you stopped doing the two things listed above, your feedback would gain credibility.

What does that have to do with carrying too many tools? Classic. Changing of arguments.

As far as your own youtube videos, here’s some things that could use attention:

  1. If you must use your camera phone, at least turn it to landscape.

  2. Learn how to title, tag, thumbnail properly so that your videos will get the most viewers, thus reaching as many people with your helpful message of truth.

  3. Practice speaking without the constant “ums” and uhs". It will make for a more enjoyable experience for the viewer, rather than it being somewhat like driving behind someone who taps their brakes constantly.


I happen to agree with him, most of the time. This time being no exception.

I’d be careful about slinging your opinion of his channel. He isn’t trying to be a salesman for someone else. His videos are to the point. No rambling about nothing or recording his phone calls with his wife, when he is trying to teach you to be a “master”.

I will be buying two of Jared’s buckets when the colors are nailed down. I agree, that is seems counter productive to have 1 mop and 14 squeegees sticking out of your belt. I carry no more than 3 when I do storefront, and one of them rides in a pouch as it’s just for sills.

I also agree that MOST YouTube guys demoing their “skills” on storefront, sure waste a lot of time cleaning glass. They are already getting the lowest pay a window cleaner can get. Then waste time screwing around lowering their hourly average even more. Storefront is about speed and efficiency. Most YouTube wanna be’s don’t have it.



@TheWindowCleanse , I surely didnt mean any disrespect to any You Tuber. We definitely all clean windows using different techniques and that’s no problem.

Correct, if I wanted to be a You Tuber it wouldn’t be from my cell phone, editing, tagging, asking for followers and giveaways to draw people in would be the way to go.

I am not even close to a You Tuber , I found it is a simple way for me to store and send videos from. I am technically challenged, dont edit or try to get a following. Just try to post videos for my employees or anyone interested, with all focus on the message. You Tubers, IMO, are trying to make a reputation or be some type of personality and videos generally are more about them than actually teaching a technique or idea. Which is fine, go for it.

I still am fine saying they always over squeegee. Too small of squeegee for size of windows being cleaned for most efficiency.

If people enjoy these that cool.

These guys probably make more money on their channel than in the industry.

You and the cleanse have good editing, no focus or skill on what you claim to teach. I do enjoy your attempts though.


:thinking: Respectful?

Your body of work here as well as @HoosierSqueegee is nothing but disrespectful. All one has to do is scroll through your posts.

You both would fit in much better with the Outlaw group. They welcome dudes like you.


Unlike most popcorn threads, mine have a definite outcome. Just ask Skipp-


I initial post was not disrespectful until your questionable comments, I only cleared up the already known.

I initially gave my opinion that was not disrespectful. You attacked me , off topic, I responded back to you only.


whats that you get left holding the bag? :joy:


I don’t carry that many tools either. For route work, I’d usually use 2 squeegees and a mop. I had maybe one route stop where I needed two squeegees and a wagtail. For my area, more than 2 was the exception not the rule. But on the east coast, they have a lot of wacked out jobs which, in terms of efficiency and speed, might require specially cut squeegees.

Woah woah woah. Nobody needs to call anyone else on wcr an outlaw… That’s over the line crazy.


Nice edit, @JaredAI


The direction this thread is going in made me think of this TED talk; be cool people!


i have several storefronts that pay at or above $100 hour