Roof Soft Washing


Can you use 10% bleach, such as what they sell at Walmart or Lowe’s for roof wash or house wash? If so what is a good dilution ratio for an electric pump or pressure washer down streaming?


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Short answers:
Downstream injector won’t deliver high enough concentrations for roof cleaning. You need a direct application method, using either 12v, air diaphragm, booster pump, etc.

So what concentration is needed? It depends. But generally speaking, 3%-6% SH may be required to clean effectively.

If the best you can get is 10% pool shock at wally world, then you just have to use more of it than you would 12.5%




Yeah I’m trying to locate a place here in the Seattle area that I can purchase 12.5% SH, but haven’t had any success.


We sale this unit for roof cleaning