RIP Brent Mydland


Brent left us eighteen years ago, on July 26, 1990.



Was he your favorite keyboardist for the Dead?


Of all the GD keyboardists, Brent was with the band the longest, so I guess there’s that ‘comfort’ association for me.

My favorite GD songs are from the years Pigpen and Keith were aboard, but I think Brent had the most soul. I was a Tubes fan, so I always linked Vince to them.

I never saw the GD, but was fortunate to catch Jerry Band. Keith was keyboardist at that time. I was and still am a Merl Saunders fan (Legion of Mary.) Gonna catch Zero on August 8 – looking forward to some Melvin Seals on keys.

Speaking of keys, Neal Evans was tearing it up last weekend when I saw Lettuce. You might also know him from Soulive (they’ll be in Baltimore on 8/16.) And, Benevento/Russo Duo have a 4-day residency at the bar where I saw Clark/Jackson/Skerik last Sunday – I’ll have to take in at least one night (I have a ticket for Garage A Trois on 8/23 with Benevento on keys.)