Rinseless car wash products


Hey There,
Does any of you ever tried rinseless or waterless products for car wash in residential windows?

These products lift the dirty and add lot of lubrication to avoid scratch. So probably would be good with very dirty windows.

Thanks in advance.


What’s the process?

Apply to clean window or it cleans the windows?


It does not work well on windows, it takes at least twice as long to clean a window and still not up to the quality of solution and squeegee.

Beside all the towels and product you use it’s just not worth the time or the standard of clean required.


I am thinking to add some of it into my bucket, then just clean it normally. Just thinking about it, because some of these soaps have very good lubrication and are very good at lifting the dirt. And where I work, the windows are very dirty and with salt. So I often need to wash them twice or more.


Hey, Thanks for the answer.
But I wouldnt wipe it :slight_smile:
I would clean the windows as I normally do, just having the help of a better soap.


I believe there is a guy in the wagtail group on Facebook who uses RainX with decent results


There are professional grade window cleaning soap that are designed for glass that work well. Dawn also works great.

You ask if anyone uses…

Those are products that you spray onto to the vehicle surface and then wipe to remove the dirt.

That’s why my response was stated that way.