Rinse Over or Rinse Within. Fan or Pencil Jet? Rinse on or off the glass? Fixed brush or swivel?


Now there are several alternative suppliers of rinse bar and swivel from Tucker, Gardiner, Wagtail Wave and DIY options - Can we restart the debate on this? Who uses what? Who plans to change? Who is looking for a robust rinse over the brush solution? Who prefers to rinse with the brush on the glass? What advantages and disadvantages do you see between rinse bars, pencil jets and fan jets? Why change from fixed brush to swivel?


i haven’t got my rinse bar yet but i’m excited to easily swith back and forth between jets and rinse bar since the rinse bar is better for hydrophobic.

I think the swivel is always awesome


Rinse bar rules…Been using wfp since '99 and the rinse bar is really a game changer.
Second to that is the swivel, for 2 reasons…1st is that with a rinse bar you want the brush to be at an angle across the top edge of the glass, 2nd is that it really helps when you can’t get the ideal positioning because of trees, or overhangs, or slope of ground…


Are you looking for Constructive Criticism pro and cons etc ??:thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face:


If I really had to I could live without the rinse bar. BUT… pivoting brush is an essential. A fixed head feels ‘wrong’…


Yes for sure. After all the marketing of the other system, it seems there are now options. Has the industry lost confidence after the hype and disappointment?


Anything is only as good as its weakest point.
So the more you add to a product be it squeegee ,WFP brush in particular moving parts add on parts.
You get more problems then you fix.


Has the industry lost confidence after the hype and disappointment?
How do mean???


According to the forums, some products are no longer sold through dealers due to not performing as expected. Do the users expect to field test and modify new tools after purchase as a matter of course or are they confident new products are now ready for market? In other trades, generally professional tools are ready to use before being sold. Drills, screwdrivers, saws etc.


So how do they sell some products now!!??


Luke describes the Tucker swivel as a prototype in the latest youtube video.

Correction-video released 10th January 2018 is a review of the prototype. Luke says final product out ‘next week’ (this week)


Yeah, its all personal preference. I personally like the inside rinse, something like the Tucker duel (fan, jet) but some really like the rinse bar. I feel that there is more control inside the brush. But just my opinion.

The Tucker Alpha has both a rinse bar and swivel gooseneck. https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/tucker-alpha-brush.html


Good new video from SteveO


Based on the latest WCR video review, with the Tucker Alpha rinse bar a separate pump may be needed above second floor even if you are currently using mains pressure only in your RO system to feed pencil jets. I have not tried the Tucker Alpha but WCR make this comment. I do know when using a fan jet and pencil jets together as a four-way feed, flow rate is significantly reduced so it makes sense the same would apply to a multi-jet rinse bar.


Here’s another review:- https://youtu.be/ybqb3YDVc6g