Review my website


so I was informed last week than the guy who was hosting my web site had closed down, so my website went.
I made a new one using godaddy, TBH it seems better than the one I payed for a few years ago, but I don’t know diddly squat about making web sites or SEO or any of that.
Check it out tear it apart or whatever any feed back is good feedback as far as I’m concerned.
No stock pics were used all my own work.

I don’t know how to link it to my official domain I rang them up today and said they would sort it out, have not as yet.


That’s actually not bad at all. The source is ugly but the effect is really good. It’s also responsive so you’re pretty much covered.

Oh, you do need a telephone number. I’d put a clickable telephone number in big letters under the STEVE’S PROFESSIONAL CLEANING SERVICES title. That way it’s front and center for someone on the phone. Also one at the bottom near the map. To do that just create an anchor

< a href=“tel://+15555551212”>+1 (555) 555-1212</ a>
< a href=“tel://15555551212”>Call Me</ a>

They should have a free ssl option like LetsEncrypt or something so if you flip that it won’t give any warnings in chrome.

Then just test the contact form to make sure it works!


Thanks Jared, I appreciate it, I have changed the button to have a phone number or click, I couldn’t find an option for those things you linked


Oh, I wouldn’t put it in the button, but right up at the top under your title. The button jumps down to the bottom. There you have your phone number so I’d link that (and the one at the top) using the tel:// so phones can click on it.


Looks good, some spelling, caps and punctuation are easy fixes.

I would rethink the side by side comparison of paver patio showing one clean next to one dirty. Only do this split sceen if they are the same job. Just doesnt show how you cleaned the very dirty one.

I just had mine redone due to hosting issues. Were you able to keep your same domain or did it expire?


It is the same job see the rock, I just took the after pic from a different angle.
I couldn’t find any spelling mistakes, I will re-chcek punctuation.
I have the same domain, its just not linked to the site as yet.


Get a real domain name. A .com


Like stated in the first post I have a real domain name, I just don’t have the required stuff to link it i called the people who the domain is through and they said they would sort that out for me, just waiting for them to get it done.


Two different patterns, one looks like stairs other patio?


Mold or mould?


Its proper English so the U still remains in mould and colour and other words, not Americanized English.
here are the pics before I messed around with them

As you can clearly see it is the same area. I am really bad and taking before and after shots from the same angle, and not very good and editing lol


Hi Steve - Looks good man ! Hey want to pick your brain if I may real quick.

1-Did you do this yourself ?
2- Was it difficult and take long to do ?
3- What is the monthly cost ? ( If you are comfortable disclosing this ).

Jeff ( OHIO )


Hi Jeff, thanks
1- yes
2- it was the easiest thing to do it was as easy as making a post here and uploading a pic thb it probably took maybe 2 hours then i edited it a bunch of times but each edit takes so little time its not even worth mentioning
3- I got a 1 month trial free then i think it gonna cost about $270 for the year or like $15/monthly

I hope this site when it eventually gets linked to my domain the people who have my domain are terrible I have sent them 2 emails and called them and left numerous messages for them but still my domain and site are not linked.
Well anyway I hope this site will do what my last did not, my old site I was never really happy with it looked bland and meh imo, and never really got many leads but until it gets linked to my domain I can’t even run an ad words campaign.